Complaints that arise about sex are not only women stuff, men also have their complaints. But let’s listen to what women have to say at first.

The most obvious complaints are about the problems of losing an erection in prime time or when the man ejaculate very fast. These are the most common complaints among women. Next, you will see a list of the most common complaints and a brief discussion of each.

Women stuff #1 – “He wants to have sex when I’m not in the mood”

Generally men want to have sex more often than women. This is a very sensitive issue. In a relationship it is necessary to respect and have consideration for others should be the first priority.

A smart woman can consider doing their best to allow the man to exercise his penile power. Of course there are times when it is appropriate to say no. Similarly, there are times when it is appropriate to say yes without even being in the mood.

The whole issue is about trading and the dialogue between the couple. Discuss all things openly is the key. Each couple has to work its own rules.

Women stuff #2 – “Sometimes it gets me down when I want it”

Most men find it very exciting an aggressive woman. They appreciate when a woman initiates sex, and they like to be seduced. However, an overly aggressive woman can threaten man. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain balance.

Let him know that you want it, but do not be so aggressive so he does not get intimidated. If he continues reluctant, this can be a deeper problem in your relationship. Again, the key to resolving the issue is dialogue. Rent a hotel room close to work if necessary to rekindle the flame of passion.

Women stuff #3 – “He is very methodical when having sex”

They say that when a man reaches a point of excitement, he loses his reason, his sense of humor, your vocal cords and any refined appearance. His extinct animals assume.

With this in mind, if you are looking for the perfect man, you may need to rethink their attitudes. Many men are very serious in the relationship because they are nervous about their performance. They are in fear that if they do something different will lose their erection.

It is difficult to teach passion and romance, but a satisfied man may be willing to work in your lovemaking. Before choosing one, the woman needs to assess which of masculine traits she has the chance to change, and what she needs to learn to accept.

Women stuff #4 – “Sometimes he does things that hurt me”

Sex should always give mutual pleasure without pain. Some men lose their sensitivity during sex. Most of women complain about how he does not know excite the nipples or put your fingers down there.

It may happen that the man was just misinformed. He may find that you are enjoying what he’s doing. Therefore, it is very necessary that he knows he is hurting you. Tell him not think that is a failure just because of that. Thus, it can make the necessary changes.

If it continues, and you choose not to end the relationship, it will require you to take a more serious reprimand. Any woman who is in an abusive relationship should move away or seek help to do so. Communication and experimentation are the best solutions to improve the details in each sex.

Women stuff #5 – “He did not want me touch his penis”

This is not a common problem, but it can happen. When it happens, it’s hard and sad. For a woman who wants to express his affection stroking the penis, it can be terribly be left aside.

This problem occurs more often in new relationships. This can occur when the man is afraid of premature ejaculation or he has an abnormal fear of being touched. The first scenario is solved with time and with the security of the relationship.

It required patience in the second scenario. The woman can gradually advancing until the man get comfortable with the idea of being touched.

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