Every couple needs sexual stimulants to keep the flame of passion alive and men can need male enhancement. It might be your birthday today, or the kids are at Grandma’s house. You want it to be a very special occasion. Or maybe there is no special occasion. You just want to make your sex life satisfying, but much less predictable. But how? Who really knows how to make love interesting and fun?

Of course, you can get information from sex therapists and their manuals. Such advice tends to be as predictable as possible. So we seek this advice from different types of experts. Specialists in music, massage, lingerie and others.

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Male enhancement: 6 Tips to excite him TODAY #1 – How to light your fire

If you’re too embarrassed to be explicit, do it your way, “I want you to touch me like you did last night. I love you when you kiss me. I’ve been thinking about you all day.”

Obviously, you do not want to let the conversation become ordinary. “Oh, and dear, could you get some food for the cats on the way home?” But keep talking, even if it’s just “aaah”, “yes”. Silence makes the listener uncomfortable and spoils the mood.

Male enhancement: 6 Tips to excite him TODAY #2 – How to dress for sex

Buying items that excite men without making women look silly need some effort. But this should not be torture. The idea, says a former sales employee and lingerie consultant “is to have fun with it.”

To find out what he might like, leave a catalog of lingerie near him and see what items he looks at for longer. Or choose what most men choose when shopping alone: a combination of bright red or black bra. Sellers also say that you will never go wrong with a satin dress.

Male enhancement: 6 Tips to excite him TODAY – How to get a romantic shine

First, do not buy pink bulbs. The pink color really makes you look pink. What you want is an amber tone, like when you get to see the sunset. 60-watt amber bulbs in your bedside lamps give this glow.

Male enhancement: 6 Tips to excite him TODAY #4 – Seducing you with perfume

Choose a scent that reflects the image you want to project that night. If, for example, you want to play as the neighbor who lives next door, try a clean fragrance like something more marine. Are you feeling bolder? Choose a scent with a little spice.

For a really new twist, start baking. Yes, that’s right. One study revealed that one of the things that most excite men was cinnamon-type cakes on top. The blood flow from the penis increased when they felt the smell of something with cinnamon baking.

Male enhancement: 6 Tips to excite him TODAY #5 – How to take off your clothes

The idea is to look like you’re making love. The slower, better. To help keep him in the mood, our suggestion is to put a song that sets the tone of the couple. As for clothing, a dress is great, or his shirt. It should be something that you can flip up to flirt with and it will come off easily.

The makeup should be minimal and soft. A little powder or blush between the breasts is good, but this is not the time to pass base on the neck. You want to be clean and touchable. But do not let him touch you at least in the beginning. Keep a distance, you want to dance, shake your hips, shake your pelvis.

Slowly raise your shirt or dress, then let it fall. Unbutton a button. And another. Are you feeling bold? You can play the dress and continue dancing with your bra and panties. For the timid, all you really need to worry about is to make a light swing and eye contact. Really look at your man. Your face will attract you more than any other part of your body.

Male enhancement: 6 Tips to excite him TODAY #6 – An excellent sex stimulant


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