Women’s costumes are different of fetishes, because while the costumes tend to come with a scene, something elaborate or simple, fetishes involve some more specific desire.

Often the object of desire is something that can not be thought of as sexual or erotic by someone who does not share the same fetish.

Making clear the difference of they, when the couple agrees to use sexual fantasies, the relationship can become even stronger and help the couple out of the sexual routine. An erotic fantasy is any thought, idea, image or scenario that interests you sexually.

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There are some types of fantasies that are most popular. Do not try to deepen the fantasy sense, that is, looking for the meaning in doing that, instead, just choose a favorite fantasy and use. Keep an open mind and do not judge anyone or judge yourself. Read below what are the most popular costumes:

Women’s Costumes #1 – Stay tied

Fantasies where one of the two are tied can be very spicy for some. Example: being tied up, handcuffed, mummified, tied to a chair, tied to the bed, caged, tied with a belt or tab, restrict the view using a blindfold or use a gag.

Remember that you should not do anything that does not feel comfortable, and keep an open mind, for more strange as it may seem like a fantasy, you can please your partner.

Women’s Costumes #2 – To be “used”

A woman may fantasize that man is a slave, a sex toy or something lifeless. The opposite is also true. The couple can also pretend to be strangers in a bar and have sex with the waitress. Or wear masks as thieves.

Women’s Costumes # 3 – Fetishes

Fetishes can also be used as sexual fantasies, they can be: fetish for legs, breasts, buttocks, penis, mouth, panties, high heels. Rubber boots and leather, urine, stool, smoking, candy, knives, uniforms, Santa , long hair, pubic hair or lack of them, virgins and fat people.

Women’s Costumes #4 – First time

This fantasy is one of the most appreciated. The couple can fantasize that is making the first vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex, first time as a sex worker, first sexual experience with a nanny, a teacher or a student.

Women’s Costumes #5 – Playing with sex

Men can dress like a drag queen. The woman can have sex like a man or a woman having sex with a woman, or find out that “she” is a “he.” The couple can give preference for transsexuals sexual partners or androgynous sex partners.

Women’s Costumes #6 – Take control

This sexual fantasy is the exercise of power over someone. You can fantasize a sex slave, forcing his partner to satisfy their sexual desires. This fantasy is like the second. Included is popularly known as submission and domination.

Women's Costumes

Women’s Costumes #7 – Loss of control

Your partner has sexual power over you and makes you do things without your help, and you do not have the strength to reject. It may be the fantasy of a thief or a cop, for example. See how to increase vaginal lubrication, click here.

Women’s Costumes #8 – Several couples

A person with four or more partners. Fantasy can a sports team or rock band, group sex and an orgy. You can call a friend and the two were arrested by a police squad. A couple can call another couple to join their fantasies. For couples with a more open mind can also hire a stripper.

Women’s Costumes #9 – Public places

Try having sex in different places, the fear of being caught will add a dose of adrenaline in sex. You can try on a bar in the theater, in the park, in a clothing store in the dressing room.

Also in the elevator, in a car parked in a restaurant, in the subway, in the garage or in a parking lot. On a roof, on the beach in front of strangers or friends.

Women’s Costumes #10 – Choose a character

It may be a police, thief, student, nurse, prostitute, doctor, teacher, cheerleader, nurse, delivery, waiter or waitress, coach, or any other profession they wish.

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