Erectile dysfunction is the inability to keep the penis hard enough, long enough to satisfy sex. Unfortunately, when medical conditions are not well understood, we sometimes blame the patient. In this article, we will look at some medical conditions that trigger erectile dysfunction and a natural solution that can help you solve the problem.

Erectile Dysfunction – Do You Suffer From These Medical Conditions? #1 – High Cholesterol

High cholesterol leads to damage to the endothelial lining of the blood vessels, resulting in rupture of the lining and plaque buildup, narrowing of the arteries and eventual loss of blood flow to the penis. A class of medications known as statins lowers cholesterol but can cause some sexual side effects in some men.

However, statins can help men with weak erections due to cholesterol plaques regain their sexual function. Men with ED due to cardiovascular disease may improve their erections with medications that increase blood flow through narrowed arteries. If the condition is too severe, the pills will not work, but other solutions may still help.

Erectile Dysfunction – Do You Suffer From These Medical Conditions? #2 – Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease can be reversed gradually over time with diet and exercise, especially a diet based mostly on plants with minimal simple carbohydrates, minimal single starches, minimal animal products and minimal oils. Although not very inviting, it is much better than the alternative.

One study has shown that even the most damaged cardiovascular have become healthy and lived for decades when they adhered to this diet. Regular exercise is also essential, but make no mistake, the diet is probably more than 70% of the equation.

Erectile Dysfunction – Do You Suffer From These Medical Conditions? #3 – Diabetes

Diabetes attacks your penis on multiple fronts. The fundamental problem is that sugar molecules float in your blood, rather than being stored in your cells, where they belong. This wreaks havoc on every tissue in your body, and some parts show signs of damage before others. Diabetes causes endothelial dysfunction, ruining the ability of blood vessels to release normal levels of NO.

This leads to plaque buildup and clogging of the arteries. The damage is particularly severe for smaller blood vessels and capillaries. Insufficient blood flow through these very small blood vessels results in damage to the nerves to which they supply oxygen, especially the smaller nerve endings. Guess what has small blood vessels and small nerve endings? Look down if you need a clue. Damage to the nerve decreases sensation in the penis.

Worse still, it causes a short circuit in the signal to pump the blood flow to an erection. Finally, if the signal passes, the blood vessels of the penis are too damaged to pump the erection completely. There is also weakening of the muscles at the base of the penis that helps hold the blood in the penis. Diabetes also damages the nerves that allow you to ejaculate.

Erectile Dysfunction – Do You Suffer From These Medical Conditions? #4 – Preventing Diabetes

Although diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction, the damage can be prevented or slowed down with a tight control of blood sugar. Slow down the chocolate bar and get healthy food. Not only cutting simple carbohydrates reduces the damage but increasing your intake of fresh vegetables can actually reverse some of the damage caused. Sugar is hidden everywhere in the foods we commonly eat.

Eliminate soft drinks. In addition, fat-free foods are mixed with sugar to make them tastier than they should. The sugar is hidden in starch form with the same frequency as is turbinated in the form of fructose-rich corn syrup. Exercise helps too by increasing antioxidants in real time and by burning off the excess fat that also results from diabetes. In fact, it has been shown that exercise lowers the chances of developing diabetes by up to 50%!

If you can not control your diabetes with diet and exercise, strictly follow your medication protocol. Also, make sure your testosterone level is normal because testosterone helps your body to react better to insulin.

Erectile Dysfunction – Do You Suffer From These Medical Conditions? #5 – Natural Supplement for Erectile Dysfunction



Ultra Hard is a natural, non-prescription aphrodisiac supplement. It was made with the aim of allowing the man to have strong erections more quickly and for longer periods of time.

Although it is a natural supplement it is extremely effective. In addition to producing strong erections, it helps prolong sexual activity and has a quick effect.

This remedy has a particularity that makes it one of the most effective aphrodisiacs on the market because in addition to being stimulant is also aphrodisiac, that is, in addition to generating strong and lasting erections, it increases the sexual appetite and can be taken by the cases of people with hypertension or diabetes.

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