Ever imagined restoring sexual potency and eliminating erectile dysfunction in 7 days? Imagine if I told you that you could do something – and maybe for just a week – that would bring your sexual potency back enough to satisfy you and your partner. This is possible, stay with me until the end of this article.

Challenge: Eliminate Erectile Dysfunction in 7 Days with These Tips #1 – Gluten in Wheat

You have probably heard of celiac disease, an allergy to gluten in wheat and several other grains which results in severe intestinal pain and gastrointestinal dysfunction. “Gluten-free” is now a badge of honor in food packaging, implying that content confers health. Not that they are health food, but they contribute less to make you sick.

A tsunami of recent research reveals that most people are affected by gluten, even though they do not exhibit any of the extreme symptoms of celiac disease. This reaction is detectable as a systemic inflammation of the blood vessels, nerves and tissues of various organs. Our old friend: subclinical inflammation.

More than any other isolated substance, gluten-containing foods are present at almost every meal and in every snack. Is it possible to eliminate the inflammatory effects of gluten and restore erectile function? For some, this may happen. There is only one way to find out if it will work for you.

Challenge: Eliminate Erectile Dysfunction in 7 Days With These Tips #2 – Avoid All Gluten For Seven Days

That means nothing of wheat, rye, barley, and some other grains, but wheat is the main. Eliminating wheat means bread and nothing that looks like bread. No cereals, cakes, donuts, baked goods or anything that does not say clearly: “Gluten-free”. Even ice cream has gluten. Read the labels carefully.

Meat (all products of animal origin), potatoes, eggs, cheese, vegetables, fruits, nuts, rice, corn, popcorn, and seeds are naturally free of gluten.

Challenge: Eliminate Erectile Dysfunction in 7 Days with These Tips #3 – Processed Foods

It is the processed foods that you should be concerned about. Even fries, if not made on the spot, can be sprinkled with wheat flour to keep them from getting frozen together; they will contain gluten.

The hard part is resisting the urge to replace the satisfaction you get with bread and baked goods, consuming more than sugar and fried. Do yourself a favor. Try not to use other foods as substitutes. Eat meals. Avoid snacks. It’s only seven days!

Challenge: Eliminate Erectile Dysfunction in 7 Days With These Tips #4 – General Health

These same strategies for restoring potency can take you from diabetes medications, help you lose weight, lighten your brain and lethargy, reduce joint pain and arthritis, prevent heart disease, reduce your risk of cancer, and more.

This one-week challenge is a single part of a larger puzzle for which there are many other pieces. If this brings your potency back to life by itself or not, it will improve your overall health. You will sleep more deeply, wake up rested and have more quality of life. Overall, you will feel better. Your mood will lift.

But note: gluten is not the only aggressor. There are other foods, especially processed and natural sugars that also inflame the body. So if gluten does not restore power well enough – although it can give you more potency than before – then you might try the challenge of staying a week without processed sugars.

Challenge: Eliminate Erectile Dysfunction in 7 Days With These Tips #5 – Natural Supplement



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