Some people think the G-spot is a myth. Others are convinced that this is not only real, but is also very effective to play an explosive orgasm in women. The scientific community can be divided between those who believe in the existence of the G-spot and those who do not believe.

If you are in doubt, ask any woman who has had a G-spot orgasm. Surely all women will say that the G spot is there, and she wants you to know how stimulate it.

Find the G-spot can be a very interesting task. It can be very easy to find in some women, while in others it is almost impossible. You should put your finger into the vagina with the palm up. The woman must be lying back down and with the belly facing up.

Then, bring your fingers up in a movement “come here.” You should be somewhere near the G-spot. The manual stimulation of the G-spot perhaps the easiest way to get there.

However, man can also do this during sex. If you choose the right positions, you will have a greater chance of reaching the G-spot. See now the best positions to find that magic point.

G-spot #1 – Behind

The positions behind are some of the most reliable when it comes to stimulating the G-spot during intercourse. You can experience the doggy style or spooning position for a more relaxed option.

To have a greater chance of success with the position behind, the penis need to rub against the front wall of the vagina. When she is almost having an orgasm, she should arch your back slightly and do not put your head down on the bed.

Man may try to raise your hips slightly and push down in one motion, so it can improve this position. Normally couples prefer the position to be very comfortable for both.

G-spot #2 – Woman on top

Many women prefer positions where they are on top. This happens because when the woman is on top, she is in control of everything.. There are several ways for a woman to stay on top. When the woman rides and uses variations of this position, she will be more likely to reach the G-spot.

This is because the woman can target your hips just right, allowing it to find the best way to feel better. She can try to lean forward or backward, while adjusting the speed and pressure applied at the G-spot.

G-spot #3 – Rotation

Rotation is a position of tantric sex which is excellent for stimulating the G-spot. The man should start lying on his back with his woman riding on it on her back also. Further, it should carefully lean down until she can grab your ankles.

When it is in position, it can move up and down or make a circle with shaped of number 8 with her hips. This angle makes your vagina tighten, so that the friction of the penis provides intense pleasure in G-spot .

G-spot #4 – Heels over head

Positions where your feet are in your chest or shoulders are also great locations to the G-spot. Start as you would if you were using the missionary position and make penetration. Then, after having penetrated, it must raise the legs up and back until they are pressed against the chest or on their shoulders.

You can touch the thighs for support, as she grabs her hips and is closer to the maximum penetration. This works because the position of the penis enters in a angle and depth very good.

G-spot #5 – Fusion

To enter the fusion position, sit with legs stretched front of you and your arms behind you for support. A woman should sit in the position of riding and then lean back, put your weight on your arms behind the body. Therefore, she will be able to swing back and forth.

This position is difficult to maintain for long time, since both arms will get tired very fast, but try this position is worth, because the angle and movement are great to reach the G-spot.

G-spot #6 – Tips

To make the experience more enjoyable, make use of a good lubricant.


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