One of the biggest doubts men have is how to pleasure a woman. Perhaps for many, this is a mystery that can not be solved. But for you who are reading this article, achieving that goal will be easy.

Often women expect men to simply read what is in their minds. Since this is not possible, this article will be based on 6 things women would like men to know about sex. Knowing this will make sex much more pleasurable.

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How to pleasure a woman – 6 Fundamental tips #1 – Do not avoid neck and ears in foreplay

The feeling a woman gets when she is kissed on the neck is probably 10 times better as to what you feel when she does the same on you. Your neck is one of the quickest ways to leave her aroused with the slightest effort. Be gentle with your soft lips. The front of your neck, near your jugular, is the most sensitive part.

The ears are also a highly erogenous area, but there is a technique for this. Do not keep doing the same thing all the time. Instead, go from the mouth to the neck, then the ear to the neck, then the breasts, and so on.

How to pleasure a woman – 6 Fundamental tips #2 – Feet

In addition to foot fetishists, most never considered the sensual possibilities that the feet present. However, according to reflexology, several areas of the foot correspond to areas of the body. In addition, the toes are an often ignored erogenous zone. So, invest in a good foot massage.

How to pleasure a woman – 6 Fundamental tips #3 – Meal

Just like a good meal, sex provides several ways to delight your senses. Incorporating tastes, and textures into your sex life are not only delicious, but it can make sex incredibly exotic and exciting as well.

Use items with especially attractive smells, tastes, textures or temperatures. A particularly delicious suggestion to try is the Nutella. It is sticky and always so tasty. Try spreading on your nipples, fingers, wrists, etc. Feel free to spread food over your body, but do not insert any food into any holes.

How to pleasure a woman – 6 Fundamental tips #4 – Good things come to those who wait

How to pleasure a woman

Someone recently asked what the secret ingredient is for a good lover. I was thinking of some magic trick or some talent that defines good lovers, when I realized, that the secret ingredient is the foreplay.

We are not saying that quickies are not accepted, but rather that we should invest the time in preliminaries when and where we have the opportunity and the willpower. The more you please your partner, the better sex you will be, and the more likely she is to reciprocate.

There is also the obvious advantage that ensures that the woman will be physically ready for sex. For women, this is crucial because it means it will be more moist and lubricated on the genitals. This means more pleasure for the woman and a more enjoyable ride for the man. Fast sex can be a lot of fun, but you lose a lot of information on the way.

Slowly enticing your partner allows you to experiment with different techniques, apply different intensities, and explore less obvious erogenous zones. If you hear a panting breath, moaning or noticing your breathing getting heavier, chances are you are on the right track.

How to pleasure a woman – 6 Fundamental tips #5 – Best of Sex

Women love chocolate. This is an indisputable fact of life, men. Black chocolate, bitter chocolate, white chocolate – no matter which one, they love. There’s just something so delicious and soothing about chocolate that women simply can not get enough.

Some women even claim that chocolate takes precedence over sex. With that in mind, imagine how incredible it would be a delicate and creative combination of chocolate and sex for your woman.

The key to planning a night of chocolate love is preparation. In preparation, you should invest in all things chocolate. Edible chocolate body painting and a standard box of assorted chocolates are essential for a wild night sprinkled with chocolate. You should also have other sensual foods on hand such as strawberries and chantilly, which are much tasty and combine.

How to pleasure a woman – 6 Fundamental tips #6 – Point P

Tantric sex practitioners have long known the power to stimulate the perineum. A little excitement in the area helps release latent energy, release endorphins, and increase blood flow, all leading to increased pleasure.

I bet you’re wondering how to unleash all that pleasure. It’s almost too easy. The perineum is a patch of the skin between the vulva and the anus. Massaging, passing your finger over it, sucking and licking are possible actions to increase desire. When massaging, the pressure must be firm, but not too strong. To lick or caress this area the tip is to draw the number eight with the tongue or with the finger. Another wonderful idea is to massage the area during or before the woman come.

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