To learn how to control premature ejaculation and get the most benefit from the physical exercises described below, you need to have your mind on your side. A man who has no ejaculatory control tends to think of himself as someone who is going to ejaculate very fast. This is certainly a reflection of reality, but it also becomes a predictor of future behavior and a reinforcement of a self-image that you want to change.

It will be easier to change your behavior if you also change your view of yourself. Imagine yourself as you would like to be; Spend as little time as possible imagining how you’ve been.

How to control premature ejaculation with mind power #1 – Deep Breathing

Proper breathing can help develop ejaculatory control. Simply put, taking a few deep breaths can help dissipate the excitement/tension that leads to rapid ejaculations. The kind of breathing that is needed is deep, easy and relaxing.

Unfortunately, many of us do not breathe this way. Many times when it is said to take some deep breaths, many people actually get tenser. They strain your muscles in the chest or shoulder, and sometimes the neck and even the arm muscles as well.

The best kind of relaxing breathing is the type taught in most meditation schools. There is no obvious tensioning of the muscles, and when inhaling, the belly (not the chest) swells. That is, if you put a hand on your belly while doing this type of breathing, you will notice the stomach pushing a little in each inhalation and descending a little at each exhalation.

How to control premature ejaculation with mind power #2 – Deep breathing and ejaculatory control

If you want to go further with the use of relaxation to help get ejaculatory control, you can imagine that the air you take goes down into your pelvis, relaxing the muscles and the entire region. The more relaxed your pelvis, the less chance you have of ejaculating.

Try to take some deep breaths when you stop the stimulation in both masturbation and sex. You can also try taking deep breaths when you are being stimulated or having sex. This takes a little time to get used to.

How to control premature ejaculation with mind power #3- Masturbation exercise

All those who are willing to masturbate should do these exercises even if you do not think you do not need them. If you do not really need it, you only need to do each one once.

These masturbation exercises assume that you masturbate the way most men do, stroking your penis with one hand moving up and down the shaft and head. Some men have fun in another ways-for example, lying down on their belly and rubbing themselves on the bed, pillow, floor, or sofa. Unfortunately, these other methods are not well suited to develop ejaculatory control. You should probably learn to do this the typical way.

How to control premature ejaculation with mind power 4 – First exercise

With a dry hand (without lotion or another lubricant), masturbate for fifteen minutes without ejaculating. Focus on your penis or pelvic area so you know how aroused or tense you are. When you feel you are in the control area, stop all stimulation and (1) meet the sensations of arousal or tension and (2) take a deep breath a few times.

When the excitation/voltage level has significantly decreased (which may be from 10 seconds to more than one minute), resume pacing. You may have to stop a number of times when you do the exercise for the first time. As you continue to do this, you will learn better when to stop and how long to wait, and the number of times you need to stop will decrease.

When you only need one or two stops during the fifteen minutes, go to Step B.

Step B: Exactly the same as the first part except you now use a lubricant. When you only need one or two stops during the fifteen minutes, you are ready to move on to the next exercise.

how to control premature ejaculation

How to control premature ejaculation with mind power 5 – Next Exercise

Masturbate with a dry hand for fifteen minutes without ejaculating and non-stop. When your excitement is in the control zone, make changes in the stimulation to control your ejaculatory process.

Types of changes you can do are: slow down the pace; Vary the site of maximum stimulation – for example, by stimulating only the axis of your penis instead of the head; Change the type of rhythm – for example, going from longer courses to shorter ones or using circular motions.

Try one change at a time. Find out what works for you, then stick with it. When you can comfortably masturbate for fifteen minutes without ejaculating if you only have subtle adjustments, go to Step B. Step B: Exactly the same as Step A, but now you use a lubricant in your hand. For natural supplements that help control ejaculation, be sure to access:

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