How to avoid premature ejaculation is what many men want. No matter how many techniques or positions you use to increase your stamina in bed, the fact is you need to be relaxed when you are there. There are very clear steps by which you can relax – even during sex.

How to avoid premature ejaculation with these 4 techniques #1 – Why is relaxation so important?

It is through the relaxation of the mind and body that you can avoid premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is often (though not always) the result of involuntary contraction of PC (or pubococcygeus) muscles and a corresponding increase in sexual pleasure.

When you make a conscious effort to remain mentally calm and relaxed during sex, you are in a better position to control the muscles of your PC. After all, all these sexual positions and techniques will not work if you can not control the muscles of your PC. It’s analogous to trying to drive a car when you do not even know how to get your feet on your pedals and your hands on the steering wheel.

How To Prevent Premature Ejaculation With These 4 Techniques #2 – How To Relax The Mind

Pre-body Mind: Focus your mind on the different sensations that are going through your body. Instead of focusing on the sensations in your genitals, try to draw your attention to the feelings in your abdomen, legs or your chest. If you feel a tightness in any of the muscles in these areas, take a deep breath and relax those areas consciously. Not only will this help you avoid premature ejaculation, but it will also allow you to continue receiving sexual stimulation without ejaculating early.

How To Avoid Premature Ejaculation With These 4 Techniques #3 – Distraction

Forced Indifference: The only thing you need to do is feel the excitement, but from a separate and “indifferent” angle – as if it were happening to someone else. For example, take your wife’s eyes for a moment and consciously relax your body. Focus your mind on other areas of pleasure and try to keep the excitement from becoming overwhelming. This technique can be highly effective.

How To Prevent Premature Ejaculation With These 4 Techniques #4 – Exercise

The therapeutic use of relaxation techniques in stress-related disorders – including premature ejaculation – is well documented. There is a strong correlation between relaxation of mind and longer duration in bed. Do you remember what your body feels when it comes to an orgasm? You feel the muscles of your body tensing and contracting, especially those around your butt, stomach, legs, and anus.

Now, what do you think will happen if you can keep these important muscle groups completely relaxed or loose, even when you are excited and excited? Well, you will gain the coveted ability to prolong your ejaculation for as long as you wish.

Staying calm and relaxed is the perfect way to last longer during sex. But, we are all so stressed in our daily lives that we really need to learn to relax. In other words, we need to voluntarily induce a “relaxation response” in our bodies, or basically “relax.”

The term “Relaxation Response” has changed the way people perceive stress. Our minds and bodies are inherently connected. This means that good management of stress can generate significant benefits in physical and psychological well-being.

The relaxation response is to bring your mind to a quiet, composed state. This is also known as the “parasympathetic” state, which is essentially the opposite of the sympathetic response of “fight or flight” (arising in a situation in which we face imminent danger and forced to fight in self-defense or flee to avoid injury or even death). To get into this state of relaxation, the following tip will help you.

How To Prevent Premature Ejaculation With These 4 Techniques #5 – How To Get Relaxed


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With these basic tips right in your hand, you will be ready to control the time to ejaculate and avoid premature ejaculation. But we have other articles that can also be useful.

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