Many men suffer from premature ejaculation. Studies indicate that this disorder affects about 25% of the world’s male population, which is the most common sexual problem among men. So, we want to know, are you part of this statistic? Do you suspect that you are? or just have an interest in the subject? Well, today we will make an ABC of premature ejaculation. We have gathered the most relevant information on this subject to help you, dear reader, understand all the complexity that revolves around this common disorder. In addition, we want to help you identify it clearly and treat it naturally. Keep reading to find the answers to your questions.

The ABC’s of Premature Ejaculation: Learn How to Identify and Treat #1 – What it premature ejaculation?

Recently a new definition of premature ejaculation developed by several experts from various parts of the world came out. These professionals divided premature ejaculation into two categories: primary and secondary. In the first category, the problem appears already in the first sexual relation and the time between the vaginal penetration until the ejaculation occurs in less than one minute. In the secondary category, the man who until then had never experienced premature ejaculation, for some reason, begins to expel the semen faster than before, not even reaching three minutes of sex. The overall average considered normal, according to experts is about five minutes.

The ABC’s of premature ejaculation: learn how to identify and treat # 2 – What causes it?

ejaculação precoce

It is not yet known exactly what causes premature ejaculation, there are, however, some theories that doctors believe, psychological and biological factors may be involved in the cause, according to them. Some psychological factors pointed out by doctors are erectile dysfunction, some controlled medications, anxiety, relationship problems, etc. The biological factors cited are genetic factors, thyroid, hormonal or neurotransmitter level changes, irregular ejaculatory system, inflammation and infections, etc.

The ABC’s of premature ejaculation: learn how to identify and treat # 3 – What causes it? How to identify premature ejaculation

The most appropriate would be to seek medical help, however, there are some specific features that you may realize during your sexual performance that may indicate premature ejaculation. As previously mentioned, the minimum time considered normal for ejaculation to occur is five minutes. If you usually ejaculate very quickly, faster than normal, you may have the disorder. If this occurs since your first time, you can have the primary category, if this problem appeared recently, you can have the secondary category.

In one of the editions of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illness of the American Psychiatric Association, states that to have the disorder it is necessary that this behavior be perceived in 75% of sexual relations and that it persists for more than six months.

Now, some things need to be clarified. There are other factors that can lead a healthy person to ejaculate quickly. For example, if you have not had sex for a long time, it is natural for you to ejaculate very quickly. This happens for physiological reasons, you end up accumulating tension and desire that, at the time of the relationship, is released radically leading to premature ejaculation. For this reason, doctors point out that if you run out of sex for a long period of time, practice masturbation, so the accumulations of energy can be released and at the time of intercourse with other people, things will happen more calmly. So if the problem happens sporadically, related to stress and other issues, it does not necessarily mean that you suffer from premature ejaculation. Stay tuned for frequencies to identify the disorder.

Another factor that can contribute to rapid ejaculation is alcohol. Alcoholic beverages usually relax the body and generate anxiety, making the man often ejaculate quickly. It is also worth noting that premature ejaculation is restricted to vaginal penetration, there are no studies proving that the disorder can occur in oral and / or anal sex.

The ABC’s of premature ejaculation: learn how to identify and treat # 4 – How to treat naturally

Impotência sexual

There are several techniques, exercises and habits that you can follow to delay ejaculation in the sexual act. We brought you some of them.

The first exercise is masturbation. This is one of the best exercises to treat premature ejaculation naturally. For this, the man must masturbate until he gets close to ejaculation. Arriving almost there, he must stop the act, relax a bit and resume the exercise. Ideally, this exercise should be performed a few times. Over time, the man will be able to control ejaculation better during sex.

he second exercise we suggest is Kegel. This technique causes the pelvic muscles to strengthen, contributing to greater sexual stamina and orgasm control. To perform the exercise is simple, when you pee, you simply stop the urinary stream for a few seconds and then release it. Do this technique a few times a day on some days of the week.

Another exercise that can be included in your routine is the “squeeze“. This technique is very similar to the first exercise we suggested and can be done alone, in masturbation, or with the help of your partner. The purpose of this technique is to enable the man to identify the feelings that precede ejaculation, in order to be able to control it. To practice the exercise, the man must tighten the base of the penis the moment he feels he is almost reaching orgasm, thus decreasing the erection. The man should squeeze the glans, not very hard, for about 4 seconds, or until the erection passes.

An interesting tip is to change the sexual positions. Some of them can influence premature ejaculation, as is the case of the “mommy and daddy” position, which by keeping the body tense, ends up contributing to premature ejaculation. We suggest that you choose positions where the woman is in command of the movements and intensities, or the ones that the penetration is not complete, like the shell position.

Another nice tip is to use a condom. In addition to preventing STDs and unwanted pregnancies, using condom during sex decreases the sensitivity of the penis, thus helping men to have greater control of ejaculation. In this case, give preference to thicker and retardant condoms.

The ABC’s of premature ejaculation: learn how to identify and treat # 5–Invest in natural retardants

Our last tip is that you should invest in natural retardants that will treat premature ejaculation and inhibit future problems. To do this, we suggest the Retard Duo Pack, which combines the Retard Caps and the Retard Gel, to itemize the power. The Retard Caps is a revolutionary 100% natural treatment for premature ejaculation. Its innovative formula based on natural extracts improves the quality of erection, helps control ejaculation and modifies the sexual quality of men suffering from this disorder. Retard Gel provides a mild anesthetic effect that temporarily reduces the over sensitivity of the penile head. This combo allows 30 days of treatment, which should be done for a period of 2 to 3 months. You should take 2 capsules of Retard Caps daily with water in the main meal intervals and the Retard Gel should be applied to the penis region at night. The effects can be noticed right after the first week of treatment!


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