#Premature ejaculation. Sexual concerns, including premature ejaculation (PE), are relatively common.

Premature ejaculation happens when the man reaches climax before he or his partner wants it during the sexual act.

Men who deal with premature ejaculation tend to orgasm within one minute of being sexually stimulated and are generally unable to delay ejaculation.

The condition affects up to 1 in 3 men and can lead to frustration and anxiety. Some men with premature ejaculation can avoid sex as a result.

But there are treatments that can help.


Best Home Remedies for Premature Ejaculation # 1 Natural Treatments and Home Remedies for PE

#Premature ejaculation. Ayurvedic herbal medicine:

Ayurveda is the traditional healing system of India. It relies on thousands of herbs to treat everything from diabetes to inflammation. Some ayurvedic medicines, such as kaunch beej, kamini vidrawan ras and yauvanamrit vati, are used to treat premature ejaculation when taken in capsules twice daily with warm water.

Ayurvedic medicine has also been used to treat erectile dysfunction.

A 2017 Sexual Medicine study found that men using Ayurvedic medicine had a slight but significant increase in the time it took them to ejaculate during sex.

Known potential side effects include:

  • Stomach pain
  • Dizziness
  • Soft pain
  • Decreased libido


Best Home Remedies for Premature Ejaculation # 2 Chinese Phytotherapy

#Premature ejaculation. A weekly or daily dose of Chinese herbal medicine – in particular, Yimusake tablets or Qilin pills – can treat premature ejaculation, increasing sexual stamina and improving energy. This same study found that different types of Chinese herbal medicine can increase ejaculation time by about two minutes.

Known potential side effects include:

  • Stomach pain
  • Dizziness
  • Soft pain
  • Decreased libido
  • Topical creams


Topical topical anesthetic creams contain an anesthetic agent that can treat premature ejaculation, reducing sensation and slowing the climax.

Apply the cream to your penis 10 to 15 minutes before sex to be more effective.

The 2017 Sexual Medicine study found that topical creams can help increase the time it takes to ejaculate in a few minutes.

Although generally well tolerated, anesthetic creams can cause:

  • Soft pain
  • Light burning sensation
  • Decreased libido
  • A temporary loss of sensation


Best Home Remedies for Premature Ejaculation # 3 Lidocaine Spray

#Premature ejaculation. Like topical creams, lidocaine spray can help treat premature ejaculation by desensitizing the penis and decreasing hypersensitivity.

Use the spray 10 to 15 minutes before sex to make it work better. Known potential side effects include decreased libido and temporary loss of sensitivity.


Best Home Remedies For Premature Ejaculation # 4 Zinc Supplements

#Premature ejaculation. Zinc not only supports healthy immunity and cellular growth, the essential mineral also helps to produce testosterone as well as boost your libido and energy.

Research has found a link between zinc deficiency and sexual dysfunction in men, so taking 11 milligrams of zinc per day – the recommended amount – can improve ejaculation time.

A 2009 study conducted on rats showed that zinc supplements can increase testosterone, which can improve sexual problems such as premature ejaculation.

Taking too much zinc, however, can cause:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Damage to the kidneys and stomach
  • A metallic taste in the mouth


Best Home Remedies for Premature Ejaculation # 5 Dietary Changes

#Premature ejaculation. In addition to zinc, magnesium also plays a role in your sexual health and may play a role in premature ejaculation, according to the research.

Incorporating foods into your diet that are rich in zinc and magnesium can help increase the time it takes to climax.

These foods include:

  • Oysters
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Soy
  • Yogurt
  • Spinach
  • Wheat germ cereal
  • Almonds
  • Bean
  • Chickpea
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Mutton
  • Dark chocolate
  • Garlic
  • Peas


Best Home Remedies for Premature Ejaculation # 6 Pause-Compression Technique

#Premature ejaculation. The pause tightening technique can help treat premature ejaculation by letting the arousal subside before the climax.

When you feel that you are ready to ejaculate, stop and have your partner squeeze the end of your penis, where the head joins the shaft.

Ask them to hold the grip for several seconds until you no longer want to climax. R

this process as much as necessary. Eventually, you can delay ejaculation without help.


Best Home Remedies for Premature Ejaculation # 7 Stop-start Technique

#Premature ejaculation. The stop-start technique, also known as orgasm control, can help delay the climax by attracting pleasure.

When you feel the urge to ejaculate, stop having sexual activity completely.

Once you feel less aroused, slowly begin to have sexual activity again. Repeat this process as much as necessary to help you control ejaculation.


Best Home Remedies for Premature Ejaculation # 8 Pelvic Floor Exercises

#Premature ejaculation. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can have a big impact on how long you take to climax.

A 2014 study by Therapeutic Advances in Urology found that pelvic floor exercises can help men cope with premature ejaculation throughout their lives to control ejaculatory reflex, increasing the time taken to climax.

To perform pelvic floor exercises:

Find the right muscles by standing in the middle of the path while peeing or tightening muscles that block the passage of gas.

While lying down, contract the pelvic floor muscles for 3 seconds and then relax for 3 seconds.

Do this at least 10 times in a row. Repeat at least 3 times a day.

Gradually increase the number of seconds as your muscles become stronger.

Try new positions, such as standing, walking or sitting.

Do not forget to breathe and remember to focus only on the pelvic floor muscles. Do not tighten your abdomen, thighs or buttocks.


Best Homemade Remedies for Premature Ejaculation # 9 Masturbation and Sex

#Premature ejaculation. Masturbating an hour or two before having sexual activity can help delay ejaculation during penetration.

This sexual release should reduce your need to climax quickly.

Avoid sex for a period of time

This may seem counterintuitive, but concentrating on other types of sexual activity instead of relationships can help take the pressure off your sexual encounters.

Penetration is not the only way to achieve sexual satisfaction, so think of other ways in which you and your partner can experience pleasure that will not cause suffering or frustration.


Best Home Remedies For Premature Ejaculation # 10 100% natural solution to have erect penis

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