Kegels is what you will do to strengthen your PC muscle. Kegels is easy to do, and here’s the best part – you can do them anywhere, and no one will ever know! Kegel is also a popular exercise to improve ejaculatory control and help men last longer during sex.

Kegels – The Solution for You to Last Longer in Bed #1 – Daily Goal

And you can do as many as you want each day. In fact, you should work up to a high number of Kegels every day. Once you learn how it is not difficult to start exercising that muscle.

You can make Kegels on the way to work, at your work table, waiting in line at fast food while talking to someone and while you are almost falling asleep at night.

Kegels – The Solution for You to Last Longer in Bed #2 – How to Find Your PC’s Muscle

You know where your PC muscle is but you may be unsure of how to make sure you have found it. The best way to find PC muscle is to stop urine flow the next time you use the bathroom. When you do this, you will feel your PC muscle contract.

Now that you have found this, you need to make sure that you only contract this muscle when you do your Kegel exercises and leave the surrounding muscles relaxed. The temptation is to contract your abdomen, your thighs, and your buttocks as well. Do not do it! Let them relax and concentrate on the muscle contraction of your PC. Now you know where it is and how to contract it. Now it’s time to exercise it.

Kegels – The Solution for You to Last Longer in Bed #3 – Exercises

Here is a bit difficult. Do not panic, though – exercising the PC muscle is like exercising any other muscle. You do this through repetitions and it increases in intensity as the muscle strengthens.

Always work your PC muscle and this will contribute to better and stronger erections, stronger ejaculation, and greater confidence. The muscles of your PC will be worked out during your regular exercise routines, but you should also do PC exercises during your day. They do not have to be done in a single session.

Kegels – The Solution For You To Last Longer In Bed #4 – Heating

Just like any other muscle, you should warm up the muscle of your PC before you start exercising vigorously. Do not do anything until you have warmed up. PC arrays are quick and easy – they are simple contractions. When you contract, contract as hard as you can. Then relax all the way.

Do this 12 times per set for three sets, with a short interval (10 to 15 seconds) between sets. That sounds easy, but when you start it might not be. Do what you can and work up to it. Just remember that before moving on to more advanced movements, you need to warm up.

Kegels – The Solution for You to Last Longer in Bed #5 – Basic Training

You will do standard contractions here – squeeze all the muscle as far as you can and completely relax the contraction. Your ultimate goal will be to make hundreds – literally. Some guys worked up to a thousand a day (on days when they’re doing this special workout).

Start by warming up. Once heated, work in sets of 25. Take a one-minute break between each set. If you can make ten sets, that’s great – especially to start with. If you work up to forty sets – great too. Note that you do not have to do all this at the same time. You can spread your Kegels all day long.

Kegels – The Solution for You to Last Longer in Bed #6 – Natural Supplement to Last Longer in Bed

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