When a man wants to excite a woman, he needs to know what her erogenous zones are. There are places in a woman’s body that are especially sensitive to the touch of your hand or lips, tongue or even feet. If you are kissing her after your first date or she is naked in bed before sex, here are some erogenous zones that can increase your desire:

Women’s erogenous zones to increase libido #1 – Hair

Have you ever had a great scalp massage at the barbershop? Do you remember how good that was? The scalp has many nerve endings, so if it does not have an elaborate hairstyle, consider slipping your fingers when you kiss it.

Some women like to have their hair gently (and some not so smoothly) pulled during intercourse. If she seems to like having you a little dominant and responsible, you may want to try getting some hair in your hand and give it a gentle tug.

Women’s erogenous zones to increase libido #2 – Neck

The neck is such an important part of the body, channeling blood to the brain and sending nerve impulses to all organs and limbs. It makes perfect sense that somewhere so central would be full of sensitive nerves.

Just caressing your neck as you kiss, you can awaken her in new ways. Run your lips from under the ear to the crest of your collarbone and see how it responds. This is also a great place to head towards the breasts!

Women’s erogenous zones to increase libido #3 – Earlobes

This small piece of meat is completely ignored, but many people are very sensitive to having their earlobes sucked, licked or always bitten gently.

While you are stimulating areas close to it, try to direct a finger or your tongue over the skin where the back of the ear finds your scalp. If she shudders or pulls you closer, she choked on the happy surprise and you found one of her hot spots.

Women’s erogenous zones to increase libido #4 – Inside the elbow

It does not look like an arm would be a very sexually charged area, would it? But is. While you are exploring your body, take a detour to that soft piece of skin. Try to kiss the inside of the elbow, or caress there. For most women, they do not want/need much attention there, but this can increase their arousal and burn their body so their lovers touch them where they are most sensitive.

Women’s erogenous zones to increase libido #5 – Palm/Pulse

Have you seen a movie where the man takes the hand of a lady and kisses, right? Done right, with a little persistence, this little gesture can be very sexy. Turn your hand, and you are presented to the lower and soft part of the wrist. I know that I keep insisting that you try to kiss or caress your erogenous zones, but that’s right.

Rub your thumb over your wrist or caress your beard in that softness. Do not forget that it is not just her pleasure. It is also about you actually enjoying the journey, not just the end result.

Women’s erogenous zones to increase libido #6 – Back

For those of us who appreciate a sexy massage, needless to say how erotic it can be to have someone bent over or crouched over you while rubbing hot oil on your bare back. Hands swirl and tease and caress, and perhaps wander in places you did not expect.

The trick to a good sexy massage is to not just rub in one place. Keep your hands moving by varying the pressure so that you push less on bony parts and more on muscle and fat. Listen to her reaction. Does she seem to enjoy it? Is she moaning or nodding or relaxing as she slides her hands over her back? If so, then you’re doing it right!

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