In this article, we’ll show you the best sex tips for men in the world. No doubt they are the most powerful way to lead any woman completely to orgasmic pleasure. The biggest “secrets” in sex are not special moves, tricks or techniques. None of these things will improve your sex life. At least not in the way you think.

The best sex tip is: Pay attention to her. Concentrate on your body. Know what is working for her. This technique is incredibly powerful because:

Sex Tips for Men #1 – Every Woman is Different

What works in one woman can completely fail in another. Some women may prefer clitoral stimulation, while others may prefer penetrating sex. One can like fast and furious things, while another prefers a slow and anticipated pace.

One woman may prefer much foreplay, and another may want to make love without much anticipation (although foreplay is still crucial in most cases). There is no universal love technique that works for all women. That’s why paying attention to what your woman wants in bed is extremely important.

Sex Tips for Men #2 – Sexual Confidence

A sexually confident man is very exciting for any woman. Women simply love men who know exactly what they want in bed and who feel secure about their own sexuality. And paying attention to it conveys exactly that image of you.

When she feels a complete involvement of you during sex, she may feel full sexual confidence in you. And for you, because you are so focused on it, you will naturally forget all your insecurities and inadequacies in bed.

Sex Tips for Men #3 – Emotional Bonding and Intimacy

The reason is simple. A woman’s final sexual organ is not in her genitals. Your head and your throbbing heart are. You see, when a woman is completely connected and comfortable with you, she will allow herself to surrender entirely to you. All your inhibitions will melt away.

Do you know what that means? When she reaches an orgasm with you, it will be far more powerful and intense than anything she has experienced. This is the thing that women’s sexual fantasies are made of. You will create an incredible bond, confidence, intimacy and delusional sexual pleasure.

Only this tip, when put into practice, will give you sexual power and create a level of intimacy that you may be mentally unprepared for. There is a certain level of responsibility that comes with it.

Sex Tips For Men #4 – The best orgasm she has ever had


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Sex tips for men #5 – (Extra tip: Erogenous poorly explored zone)

Your lower back. The part of the back of a woman who meets the buttocks is filled with thousands of sensitive nerve endings. If you touch or caress it lightly in this area, you must find one of its sensitive points.

If run properly, it can be erotically yummy and tickle for it. But before venturing into that, make sure she is totally relaxed and comfortable. Otherwise, instead of revealing the delusional lust in her, you can make her nervous. She may feel uncomfortable and squirm with every touch. But if she is relaxed and accustomed to you, these little sensations will give her an erotic thrill.

Women need a gradual rhythm to reach an orgasm point. It all starts with her being willing to have sex. For this, we have this tip, just do it properly! Run your fingers across your back, without tickling. Otherwise, you may have a weird girl in your hands, and you will have to wait a while for him to come back to you again.

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