In this article, we’ll talk about one of the most difficult subjects in the world to master, the female orgasm. What you are about to learn in this article will make you a master at the art of sex.

Let’s share with you some concepts and techniques that you will not find anywhere else. You will learn techniques, strategies and secret concepts that most women do not even know. If you are a woman reading this, you are probably laughing or rolling your eyes at this point. It’s understandable.

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Female Orgasm – How To Give Insane Orgasms For Her #1 – If You Are A Woman

Almost all women have ever been in at least one male doctor who revealed something about her health and sexuality that she still did not know. So you see, it’s not about being “man” or “woman.” In fact, it is about how broadly a person has studied a certain subject.

What I reveal in this article will make you an incredible lover. But, this will only happen if you do your part. As strange and unfamiliar as some of the concepts in this manual may seem, first, I assure you … they work. They have been tested and tested hundreds of times. So keep an open mind and learn what is revealed here, so go there and use. That’s the only way to master it.

Female Orgasm – How To Give Insane Orgasms For Her #2 – CAUTION

Because of this new power and ability, you will soon have, you must be very careful about the women you choose to share with. When you are able to satisfy a woman on such a deep level, they will not want to let you go. Women will relate to you very strongly when you start satisfying them that way.

Female Orgasm – How to Give Insane orgasms to Her #3 – The Problem for Women

First, let’s talk about a woman who is capable of having orgasms alone but is not able to have it with a partner. The most common reason for this, obviously, is the man with whom she is and the lack of knowledge/experience with a woman’s body.

The second most common reason is your comfort level. Most men have no idea about it, but that’s one of the biggest reasons why women can not orgasm with a man.

In fact, I will even say that “comfort”, in my opinion, should be classified as the first reason why women can not have orgasms. The lack of knowledge and experience of the man in the bedroom should be classified as a second motive.

When a woman is comfortable and relaxed – both mentally and physically, she will have no problem having an orgasm … even if the man she is with is an average lover.

Female Orgasm – How to Give Insane orgasms to Her #4 – Reasons for Discomfort

Here is a list of some common reasons for discomfort:

  • She may be tired or irritated by a physically strenuous activity, or by mental drainage (a difficult day at work, life drama, stress caused by others close to her, etc.).
  • May be insecure about herself, her body, the shape of her breasts, her curves, that extra pound she thinks she has gained over lunch, etc.
  • She may really like the man, but may not feel the connection and the closeness to him yet.
  • May feel rushed or feel that things are moving too fast.
  • This may be your first time with this particular person (or the first time, ever). That’s why she feels nervous, uncomfortable, anxious, etc.
  • Or hundreds of other possible reasons that may be causing discomfort, nervousness or whatever.

Female Orgasm – How To Give Orgasms Insane For Her #5 – How To Eliminate Discomfortorgasm-turbo-pack

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