The path to female orgasm is very different for a woman than for a man. It is infinitely easier for a man to reach climax during sex. But a woman can achieve exponentially more orgasms than a man can. Unfortunately, many women only achieve the climax through self-stimulation or masturbation. So how can you be sure that helping your woman increase pleasure?

Female Orgasm Guide: How to Increase Pleasure #1 – Clitoral Stimulation: The Right Ways to Do It

The clitoris of a woman is a fundamental instrument to bring her to orgasm. So, the way you stimulate that super-erogenous zone is really vital. You see, when a woman is not properly awake, touching or stimulating the clitoris can be uncomfortable for her.

The trick is to do an indirect stimulation at first. Try to run your fingers on each side of your clit and caress the hood of the clitoris with your thumb. When she becomes aroused, you will feel her heavy breathing and the hood of the clitoris dilates. It’s when you know she’s ready for more. Giving her right clitoris stimulation will produce natural lubrication inside the vagina, leaving her almost dripping.

Guide to Female Orgasm: How to Increase Pleasure #2 – What is Clitoral Stimulation for Man?

A lot! Not only that means that you are madly excited and experiencing a ton of pleasure, it also means that your penis can slip in and out of it at any speed without experiencing the extreme friction it can push towards the edge. This is a simple trick, but often forgotten, to last longer in bed.

A warning to men: Although the clitoris is labeled as an “external” organ, most of the clitoris is actually hidden inside the body. The axis of the clitoris extends to the body and then separates into two legs, forms a “V” upside down that is on both sides of the vaginal opening. But the key feature of the inner portion of the clitoris is the fact that the clitoris surrounds the urethra (the passage where the urine leaves the bladder). Knowing this, you will be able to find it more easily.

Guide to Female Orgasm: How to Increase Pleasure #3 – The Rhythm of Sex

Many men have deluded that women are equally attuned to the speed and rhythm of a man’s touch. That is a fallacy. As you touch and stroke you may vary in speed, but the pace should not change. As sex progresses, women prefer speed (including thrust) to increase, culminating with a boil as orgasm approaches. But make sure the overall pace or time stays the same.

Guide to Female Orgasm: How to Increase Pleasure #4 – Positions and Movements

Most women can not achieve a vaginal orgasm. Instead, many orgasms occur through the stimulation of the clitoris alone. When you are performing deep penetration during intercourse (missionary position), try to do so in a circular motion so your pubic bone is rubbing against the clitoris.

When it is above you (cowgirl or woman position above), instead of pushing up and down, encourage them to turn their hips sideways or front and back. This will provide sufficient friction between your clitoris and will trigger an orgasm. And when she gets an orgasm – both during foreplay and long before during sex – the whole game changes in her favor. You no longer feel the weight on your shoulders. This will give you tremendous confidence in bed, knowing that you have an “arsenal of love” enough to fully satisfy you.

Guide to Female Orgasm: How to Increase Pleasure #5 – Increase Female Libido


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