If you can master the secrets of G-spot stimulation, you’ll be in great shape with the woman you like, probably claiming honor as one of the most satisfying and incredible lovers she’s ever had.

G-spot – The solution for incredible orgasms #1 – Why is it so famous?

This is because G-spot orgasms tend to be felt on a deeper level and more intensely than clitoral orgasms alone. They also offer an additional power to be felt consecutively, with no upper limit “established”. And if you really get there, she can even ejaculate. And what could be better than making your wife have that pleasure?

These are the key secrets that separate men from boys. Unfortunately, it is actually a safe estimate that less than 1% of the world’s population of men is able to find the G-spot.

G-spot – The solution for incredible orgasms #2 – Urethra

Some people think that the urethral sponge and the G-spot are the same, while others think they are totally different. In any case, stimulating this area can cause great female pleasure and ejaculation! The urethral sponge is a spongy tissue and surrounds the urethral canal. It is important because of 2 reasons:

1. Filled with nerve endings
The urethral sponge is full of nerve endings, so when stimulated it will be a very pleasant pleasure.

2. Skand glands
This is the key to female ejaculation. When stimulated, the Skene’s glands (also known as the “female prostate”) produce a clear ejaculatory fluid that is released when a woman has an orgasm.

G-spot – The solution for incredible orgasms #3 – Point A

Point A is a patch of tender tissue at the inner end of the vaginal tube between the cervix and the bladder. Unlike point G, which is in the shallow part of the vaginal depths, point A is found all the way. You get there using your middle finger, maneuvering up and all the way back. You will find it just in front of the cervix where there will be a little tilt or balloon from the vaginal walls in that area.

In addition, unlike point G where the texture is rough, the texture of point A is smooth. To stimulate point A, you can use the method of fingering mentioned above or sexual positions of the rear entrance as well as frontal positions where you can move the legs for a good and deep impulse.

G-spot – The solution for incredible orgasms #4 – Open the Communication Lines

Even if your wife does not feel comfortable telling you what she wants, where she wants to, and for how long, you two should be close enough to provide important feedback and encouragement.

G-spot orgasms are markedly different from other orgasms, and it’s a good idea to prepare your partner to know how different they can be. The more you prepare it, the more relaxed and comfortable you will be entering the realm of the unknown. The first thing you should suggest to her is to go to the bathroom and pee.

This is because some of the sensations caused by G-spot stimulation suddenly make her feel like urinating. Using the bathroom before entering the bedroom, you will prevent her from worrying about peeing. Otherwise, she will not let herself relax completely, and if she can not relax, she will probably not have an orgasm.

Even after taking a break in the bathroom, she may still be worried that she might have to pee. Tell her not to worry, this is perfectly normal. Also, make sure she knows it’s physiologically impossible for her to pee when the excitement is on the peak. Train her when the urge to urinate begins to come over her, not to fight off that feeling.

G-spot – The solution for incredible orgasms # 5 – Increase Female Libido


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