There are a few things that are necessary to keep in mind when the goal is how to seduce a woman. To reach the stage of seduction, it is necessary to create attraction and create sexual desire. This is what we will see in this article.

How to Seduce a Woman – 5 Infallible and Practical Tips #1 – Create Anticipation

Creating anticipation is an ongoing process. You should work constantly, even outside the room. And learning to do it properly can mean a lot more sex.

Anticipation creation can start early. It can be a suggestive creation of tickets early in the morning, leaving erotic notes in places the other person will see or sending kindly messages. Make a call and offer an erotic thought for the woman to think about during the day.

If you really examine your daily agenda, you would be amazed at the number of opportunities to create anticipation and desire. An intelligent lover knows how to get the most out of these options.

How to seduce a woman – 5 Infallible and practical tips #2 – “I am already married and do not need to create anticipation”

Are you in a long-term relationship? Do not think that just because you live together, got married or even started a family, it’s “all right” to devote less of your time and attention to this phase of your woman’s sexual response. Just because the woman in your life might have been sleeping with you for years (or even decades) does not mean that she has suddenly lost the need for flirting, sweets, and temptations that help create sexual tension.

The more anticipation you create before you head into the room, the more anxious and receptive your wife will be. In fact, the more you’ve been with your partner, the more important it is to be sure that you have adequately addressed that basis.

How to Seduce a Woman – 5 Infallible and Practical Tips #3 – How to Create Attraction

The first step in the seduction phase is to create attraction. NOTE: Since we assume you already have a partner with whom you are having sex, let’s not dive into the “how to attract and date women” topic (you can find other useful articles on that same site). But the attraction tips I’m going to share with you can work for any woman, but they’re designed specifically for your partner.

How to use eye contact to create attraction. The first thing that attracts the attention of your partners is the eye contact. Your response to the right kind of eye contact is automatic: attraction.

The level of attraction can range from women to women. Eye contact can simply arouse a little sexual interest in sexual desire, where she is physically aroused and wants to have sex with you.

Generally, making and maintaining eye contact with another person shows that you are comfortable with the other person and that you are not intimidated. When your partner sees that you are making and maintaining eye contact with her, she will feel confident about herself … and … the wheels of attraction will start spinning.

How to Seduce a Woman – 5 Infallible and Practical Tips #4 – How to Make Eye Contact

• What you want to do is look into their eyes whenever they are talking, whether it is passing you by, or in any situation that is appropriate. (You do not want to look constantly in the eye while the two are watching a movie, for example … that would be weird).
• When you are having eye contact with her, do not have a wide-eyed look (you want her to believe you are a confident man, not a maniac!).
• Instead, you just want to be looking into your eyes.

How to Seduce a Woman – 5 Infallible and Practical Tips #5 – How to Increase Female Sexual Desire


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