If you want tips on how to satisfy a woman in bed and make her scream your name in ecstasy, you need to take a little time to learn more about her body. This is what we will teach you in this article.

6 tips on how to satisfy a woman in bed #1 – Breasts

Men often think that if they magically moved to a woman, they could never leave the house because they would just want to stay home and play with their boobs all the time. What’s in the breasts that make men so obsessed? Is it the softness of the breasts, or the shape of them, or the fact that they are so visibly feminine?

Whatever it is, it pays off for a man to have a little extra knowledge about how to handle his hands or mouth or whatever. So here are the basics. Think of breasts with three different parts of them:

6 Tips on How to Meet a Woman in Bed #2 – Nipples

Different women have different levels of sensitivity in their nipples, depending on how excited they are, their hormone levels and their own personal preferences. The best bet is to start gently and, if she encourages you, adapt your hands, fingers or mouth to the friction or touch that both can enjoy.

Another thing. The nipples are different in different women. Some women may be very excited and never have their nipples hard, others cannot turn them off. Some have large nipples that pull, and some have nipples that turn inward. Whatever your wife’s, enjoy it as it is and do not compare it (aloud) with the others. This is a safe ticket to being kicked out of bed.

6 tips on how to satisfy a woman in bed #3 – Areola

This is the dark area around the nipple. Do not neglect it! Some guys think that just grabbing a girl’s nipples and twisting them like an old radio tuner is a fabulous foreplay, but great lovers know that the areola can be a very sensitive part of a woman’s body.

If you have the mouth on her breasts, do not just work on the nipple. Pull your breasts deeper into your mouth and give a little suction. There are all kinds of glands and tissues inside the breast that are designed to respond to this type of pressure. Direct your tongue over the areola and see how it responds.

6 tips on how to satisfy a woman in bed #4 – And the rest of the breasts

The soft softness of a breast is amazing when caressed, kissed or gently tightened. The breast tissue really is excellent, so you can understand why it would be smart to treat your breast as more than just two nipples. Knead gently, spread light kisses and brush your warm hands over this smooth expanse of skin. Many people do not know this, and you’ll probably get a very positive response from your woman.

6 Tips on How to Meet a Woman in Bed #5 – When Satisfaction Gets

Satisfaction in bed, my friend, begins before you touch her. What you can do: Talk to her. Let her know that you are interested in something more than just her backside. Submit your shyness or your fear enough to actually talk to her and actually listen when she talks back.

Are you at the point where you could make a romantic gesture as something as simple as bringing your coffee or putting a note in your car that just says “Thinking of you and hope you have a great day”? How about you notice when she’s wearing something new, or it looks really cool? All this together will satisfy her in bed.

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