The couple needs to be completely relaxed for sex to be good, so check out these tips for ways to spice up the bedroom. To help calm the mind because of problems, for example, use your words, touch, attitude, and gestures. The only tension you must feel at this moment is the sexual tension!

5 ways to spice up the bedroom – Helpful tips #1 – Give before you receive

Before you receive any sexual pleasure from the woman, you should make sure that she receives sexual pleasure from you first. Because? This shows that:

1) You have control of your sexual desires
2) She will be in a more “ready” state to have an orgasm while having sex, and
3) Once she has an orgasm, she will be ready and willing to match the best of her abilities!

Seriously, if you can compare the quality of sex she gives you, when you experience an orgasm FIRST, you will, ironically, suck in comparison to the quality of sex that she gives you after she RECEIPTS an orgasm. Go ahead and test this for yourself if you do not believe me.

5 ways to spice up the bedroom – Helpful tips #2 – Anticipation and Tension

Anticipation (also known as “provocation” and “excitement”) is a powerful and effective tool to use when spicing up the relationship. To multiply the effects of your sexual techniques, you will have to add anticipation to the mix. The anticipation will make you more aroused, give you a greater chance of having an orgasm and focus your mind on the physical pleasure she is experiencing.

And … while you’re building anticipation, at the same time, you’re creating sexual tension as well. Sexual tension will have to be released (in the form of an orgasm). The key to increasing anticipation is to focus on the areas surrounding the main “target” before reaching the target.

5 ways to spice up the bedroom – Helpful tips #3 – How To Increase Anticipation In Practice

For example, you can do this by rubbing your inner thighs, buttocks, and hips before touching your vagina. While you are rubbing the body parts, it is getting wetter, anticipating that you finally move to the vagina. At the same time, the tension is growing inside you and at some point, it will have to be released.

One note: when you are accumulating the anticipation in her, it will also accumulate in you! It will be your job to keep yourself in control and keep climbing at the right pace.

5 ways to spice up the bedroom – Helpful tips #4 – Tips For The Woman In Your Life

Now, let’s give some general tips to further improve sex.

1. Do not be afraid to get a little verbal. Stop biting your tongue or holding your breath. Let go and moan or sigh if you want. Do not force or become so theatrical.

2. If you constantly stress about hygiene issues such as smell or taste or cleanliness, try incorporating a bath early in your schedule to prepare and improve your comfort level.

3. Strive for greater comfort with your body and what excites you. Take an initiative to learn what really drives you crazy with desire and then learn to communicate.

4. Learn to believe in your lover when he tells you that he loves to enjoy you and make you have an orgasm – he means it! And he’s also telling you the truth when he swears he loves you! There are few things in this world that will give a man a feeling of satisfaction or pleasure than to make the woman he cares have an orgasm …

5 ways to spice up the bedroom – Helpful tips #5 – Extra Help


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