Previously we had already commented as the couple games are what may be missing in their relationship. Erotic games are for couples who like adventure and are willing to try something new in a challenge. You can read the first article by clicking here: Sex games – Fun for the couple.

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Couple games – Pleasure and fun for the couple #1 – Chess

Duration: 30 minutes
Accessories: Chess game

  1. You and your partner need not be great chess players to enjoy this game, but you should be familiar with the rules and basic movements.
  2. The object of this game of chess is not necessarily the checkmate, but capture the pieces of your opponent.
  3. As a piece is captured, the losing player must perform immediately as indicated below:
    • Pawn – The captured player must give a passionate kiss
    • Bishops – The captured player must remove a piece of clothing
    • Tower – The captured player must touch the other player seductively
    • Queen – The captured player must please the other player
    • King (check) – The captured player must massage the feet of another player
    • King (checkmate) – The winner chooses.

• Take your time. • Sacrificing his own pieces is allowed.

Couple games – Pleasure and fun for the couple #2 – Strip Poker

Duration: 20 minutes
Accessories: Deck of cards and poker chips

Players play their favorite poker games, using chips, not clothes. When a player loses a hand or round, it removes a piece of your clothing.
If a player is completely naked, he can continue, but only if the other player “borrow” a piece of clothing to bet.
The game continues until all the clothes have disappeared.

Conditions: • Players must start with the same number of pieces of clothing. • The losing player determines the clothing to be removed.
Variations: • There are many variations of poker. Browse the Internet or buy a poker manual for rules on a large number of games. Have fun with the game itself.

Couple games – Pleasure and fun for the couple #3 – Magic numbers

Duration: 15 minutes
Accessories: Dice

  1. Create two lists, numbered from 1 to 6.
  2. In a list, write six sexual or preliminary activities (fo example: kiss, bite, massage, etc.).
  3. In the other list, write six shares of the body or “zones” (for example: lips, ear, above the waist, below the waist, etc.).
  4. Her partner rolls a dice to determine the activity, then other data rolls for the body part or area. Your partner then performs that task for you. Once he finishes making, exchange roles.
    Players complete as many rounds as necessary or possible.

Conditions: • Agree together on the items in the lists and in advance. • Agree how long each activity should take before the next move. Recommended: 1 or 2 minutes per activity.

Couple games – Pleasure and fun for the couple #4 – High Card

Duration: 30 minutes
Accessories: Deck of cards

  1. Each card (2, 3, 4 … J, Q, K, etc.) receives a particular action related to a particular individual.
  2. The deck is thoroughly shuffled.
  3. The game starts by taking a card at a time and the activity being performed.
  4. The game continues until the deck is done.

Possible activities:
• Ace – massage the man’s back
• 2 – Massage the front woman
• 3 – Massage the legs of the man
• 4 – Massage the woman’s leg
• 5 – Massage the shoulders and neck of man
• 6 – Massage neck and shoulders woman
• 7 – Man’s feet are massaged
• 8 – The woman’s feet are massaged
• 9 – Man’s genitals are massaged
• 10 – The genital organs of women are massaged
• Jack (J) – The man receiving oral pleasure
• Dama (Q) – The woman receives oral pleasure
• King – 2 minutes of sexual intercourse (all wins)

Variations: • Choose different activities for each card before the game. • Play with only 13 cards – one of each – for a quick game. • Follow the action on the card, regardless of who the handle.

Couple games – Pleasure and fun for the couple #5 – Film imitation

Couple games

Duration: 90 minutes
Accessories: TV or DVD movie

  1. Choose a very spicy movie that you both are comfortable to watch and sit to watch together.
  2. Whenever there are physical manifestations of affection, you and your partner should mimic the activity.
  3. When the action stops, you must stop as well.
  4. Enjoy the movie!

Conditions: • Choose a film that none of you have seen. • Agree to the limits of activity that you can not be comfortable.
Variations: • Imitate the implied but not shown contact. This may be necessary for movies that are not explicit. • Do not stop when the action stops.

Couple games – Pleasure and fun for the couple #6 – Against the clock

Duration: 20 minutes (or less)
Accessories: Alarm clock or egg timer

  1. To extend your passion, use a timer set for 20 minutes (or other time that you agree), and start making preliminary.
  2. You can not penetrate at all until the timer runs out. You can do anything you like, however, without penetrating.
  3. When time is up, penetrate.

Conditions: • This game will help you focus on the person, not the orgasm goal. • Do not look at the clock.
Variations: • Try different time intervals.

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