Now it’s time to practice other sexual positions to increase libido. As you experience these positions, use everything here that works for you. Here are variations of the five basic sexual positions: woman up, side by side, the man up, back entrance and different positions. What is the best order to experiment? You decide.

With perseverance and a bit of luck, you can find combinations of positions that leave your partner more excited, keeping your excitement at a good level. As you experience different positions, keep your attention focused on your arousal and sexual energy. In what positions can you relax more? In what positions can you breathe sexually with greater effect? What positions allow your energy to flow more?

Different sexual positions to increase libido #1 – Woman above

If you have not tried these options, try different positions before moving forward:

• Man on his back, woman kneeling on top of him, leaning forward, head backward
• The man on his back, a woman kneeling on top of him
• Man on his back, woman crouching, jumping standing on him
• Man on the back with knees bent and hips raised, the woman in any position up.
• The man on his back, woman lying on top of him
• Man on back, woman pushes forward with feet

Different sexual positions to increase libido #2 – Side by side

The advantage of side-by-side positions is that the man can vary his push without the effort of holding his weight. In addition, the four hands are free for other stimulations.

• Woman on her back with her legs up, man on the side with legs under her
• Woman on her back, man on the side, with legs intertwined (scissor position)
• The woman sits on her side with her legs bent to her chest, the man kneels behind her

Different sexual positions to increase libido #3 – Man on top

Of course, we have to practice with the missionary position. Have you noticed how many variations there are? Check these also:

• Woman on her back, man lying on her, legs stretched out between hers
• The woman with the backs, the man’s legs stretched between his, weight in the hands
• Woman on her back with her legs stretched out, man crouched with knees together between her legs
• The woman on her back with legs bent back, man up, knees or legs on the chest or shoulders
• Woman in the back, man up with one of the legs on her chest or shoulders
• Woman on her back with her legs stretched out, man up with one leg in and one out
• The woman on her back with her legs together with the man lying on top
• Woman on her back on the side of the bed with her legs spread, the man stopped leaning over her

Different sexual positions to increase libido #4 – Rear entrance

The rear entry positions are some of the most exciting for many people. Maybe it’s because the woman’s legs are closer creating more friction on the sides of the vajra. The disadvantage of these positions is that communication is more difficult as it cannot maintain eye contact.

• Woman lying with belly down, man lying on top of her
• Woman lying on her belly down, man up with her legs on either side of her, the woman outside, lying on her side, with her legs entwined
• Doggy style: both kneeling with the man behind
• Woman lying in front of the bed, man standing behind her
• The woman crouched on hands and knees or with straight legs, the man is behind her and hugs her waist with her hands.

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