Understanding about female psychology is possible to recognize their signs of sexual interest and control them. Speaking in the context of sex for the first time. Women are rarely verbal about displaying their sexual interest in you. Due to social programming, they do not want to appear easy, even though their thoughts may be very different.

They may even lie verbally to you, even though they are very interested in having sex with you. So you need to understand its subtleties, your body does not lie.

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Female psychology – Signs that she has sexual interest #1 – Test

How do you do the test? You have to watch if she is comfortable with your touch. Does it stop the contact or start it? What is the current level of touch comfort? Are you just holding hands, or is her hand on your leg? When your hand is around her, is she leaning on you? As you sit on the couch, is she sitting on your lap?

Female psychology – Signs that she has sexual interest #2 – Level of interest

There will be a level with which she feels comfortable and a level that is already too far. So holding hands is a comfortable thing, but then maybe moving her hand to the leg is lead to a level too far. So you need to understand where your comfort level is.

An example where it becomes uncomfortable is when you want to hold hands and it separates. Or her hands are around her shoulder and she walks away to sit on the other side of the couch. She is showing that she is not ready for this.

Female psychology – Signs that she has sexual interest #3 – Some Simple Tactics

Whenever possible, we want to minimize your opportunities where it can break physical contact. So if you feel like she wants to get away, you have to try to do it first. This makes you the prize, you are the one who is defining the boundaries of touch. This makes it the person chasing you, and affects your sub-conscious, helps remove the resistance.

When you feel a lack of comfort in the way you are touching her, then you need to break the contact. Let her restart the contact, so she can restart the touch to her comfort level. Make it the hunter. So keep track of the duration of the ringtones and keep advancing your comfort levels.

So, for example, if you’re on a couch together, try putting your hand on your leg. If you feel she is uncomfortable, then take your hand off her leg. But do not draw attention to your touch. Do this casually and definitely do not mention or talk about it.

Another example, you are kissing her neck, you see she is liking, responding to the kiss, but you do not advance too far, so you get up and go have a drink and then do something else. So you’re giving it a little and then taking it off. This is a provocation. Women are not used to it and really doing that turns things around, they become the hunter they like.

Another example is when she sits on your lap to show you something, your notebook, photos or whatever. Kiss her on the neck and tell her, “You smell so good,” so get up and do something else. The teasing helps build your excitement initially. People always want what they can not do, which is out of reach. Then create this sexual tension. Kiss her and then stop and tell a story as if it were just a crack in your head.

Female psychology – Signs that she has sexual interest #4 – Do not Be Disinterested

You do not want to sound disinterested, you just want to play with the sexual tension. Women do respond to sexual tension and provocation. If you give them everything they want, it is not good, accumulate this tension, make them want more of you.

Female psychology – Signs that she has sexual interest #5 – Body language

female psychology

Pay attention to body language, she is facing you, she is leaning, is she open to you? Are her arms open to you? These are all signs of interest in you. If your body is closed or tilted away, these are all signs of less interest in you.

When you shake your hand, does it squeeze back? If you play with your fingers, will she reciprocate? When you hold hands, does it interlock your fingers to get close to you? Is she playing with your hair or touching your body when she’s talking to you? These are positive signs that she is enjoying the contact.

Try not to lean too far forward early as this may make her uncomfortable. This shows need, that you are pursuing sex or that you’re after something. Try to make her lean toward you, relaxing and leaning. When you’re talking to her, try to keep eye contact most of the time. When she is talking to you, keep eye contact about half the time. This is what is natural when people are comfortable.

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