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Erection and Ejaculation – You Can Last Longer (Part 2) #1 – I lost my erection and now?

Men’s erections (as well as female orgasms) tend to thrive in situations of relaxation – not pressure. If you have ever felt pressured to have an orgasm, then you may be able to identify the feelings of frustration of men during sex.

When you lose an erection, instead of concentrating all of your energy on your penis, try to focus your energy elsewhere. Try to give your attention to other parts of the body and ways of being sexual that do not require an erect penis.

You can try to: • Move your hands to your breasts; • Do an erotic massage, during which you kiss your neck; • Does oral sex; • Watching porn together, among other things. If you get another erection and you decide to “use it” in some way, enjoy it.

Erection and Ejaculation – You Can Last Longer (Part 2) #2 – How Erections Grow

Men’s erections thrive when they are feeling comfortable and relaxed. It makes sense that they would be more likely to have stronger erections with someone they know well and who they can be themselves. After all, men are not alien species that just want sex and sex. They also want to have someone, to feel comfortable when they are naked in bed.

Erection and Ejaculation – You Can Last Longer (Part 2) #3 – Two Techniques to Last Longer

In many ways, women are basic sex educators. Research suggests that women feel responsible for making their sex lives more exciting. Of course, men need to be responsible for doing their part to improve sex. Many men are reluctant to talk about their health – or their sex lives – frankly with their friends or doctors.

This means that it is often the case that women who learn about sex end up sharing what they learn from their partners. So if you are a woman, share these two techniques with him. It is best if he practices them first during masturbation on his own. The techniques are called Stop / Start and Tightening Techniques and men have been using them for decades in and out of sexual therapy. Here’s how they work:

Erection and Ejaculation – You Can Last Longer (Part 2) #4 – Stop / Start

A man starts by stimulating his penis the way he usually does during masturbation. When he attains sexual arousal and a stronger erection, he will want to stop all stimulation in his penis just before “the point of no return.” (Point of no return is when it will ejaculate, no matter what happens).

Once it stops all the stimulation, it can then wait several seconds or more until its arousal decreases slightly while still maintaining its erection. Then he can start to stimulate his penis again and repeat the cycle several times before finally letting himself ejaculate.

Erection and Ejaculation – You Can Last Longer (Part 2) #5 – Tightening Techniques

It begins in an identical fashion as the prior art. The main difference is that instead of stopping all stimulation, the man gently squeezes the head of his penis. Thus, it helps decrease your arousal before restarting the stimulation. The cycle repeats several times before allowing ejaculation to occur.

Both techniques are meant to help men identify the spots where they begin to become highly aroused and close to ejaculating. When they learn to identify the bodily sensations that lead up to this point, they can then adjust their masturbation or sex with someone else. So they can back off a bit and finally learn to last longer without ejaculating.


It may take weeks or months for a man to notice significant improvements in ejaculatory control. Once men feel comfortable with one of these techniques during masturbation and have made some progress in lasting longer on their own, they may want to try doing it with their partner.

The Start / Stop technique is easier to transfer to sex with a partner because all it requires is to stop sexual stimulation. This is particularly useful for intercourse. During sex, in an effort to last longer, some men simply stop moving for several seconds.

If a man feels he is close to ejaculating, he can pull his penis out of the partner’s body. Then wait a few seconds before resuming intercourse. He may even suggest changing positions stimulate his penis less directly. It is possible to last longer in the missionary position or with the woman on top. However, Men vary, so ask your partner which positions are best for him.

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