Most men experience erection difficulties at some point in their lives. And a considerable number of men – up to 20 percent – will experience moderate to severe erectile dysfunction in that they have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection in most circumstances (both with masturbation and in sex with someone) over a period of time.

So in this article and the next, we’ll focus on some details about this process and especially, a way for you to last longer in bed.

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Erection and Ejaculation – You Can Last Longer (Part 1) – #1 – Causes That Make Erections Harder

Dozens of factors can influence a man’s erections and ejaculation, and not all of them have to do with how much he feels attracted to his partner. As just a few examples, a man’s erections can be influenced by:

• Hormones; • Your age; • How he feels, emotionally; • Performance anxiety; • Sadness; • The temperature in the room; • Your relationship with your partner; • Medical conditions; • Prescription drugs; • Smoke; • Non-prescription medicines; • Cardiovascular health; • Recreational drugs; • Stress at work; • Alcohol use; • Tiredness; • Feeling relaxed or stressed. . . And much, much more.

Erection and Ejaculation – You Can Last Longer (Part 1) – #2 – Common Myth

A common myth is that men can control their erections and time to ejaculate when in reality they rarely have much to do with anyone. This can be painful for many men. After all, if women feel excited, but their bodies do not cooperate – meaning they have a not-so-wet vagina – they can always add lubricant. Sex can go on as usual.

When men’s bodies do not cooperate, however, men often feel as if they have failed, as if they have done something wrong. Without an erection, many men feel that sex is bad and they may feel extra pressure if their partner tries to regain their erection by using their hands or mouth to desperately bring it back to life.

Erection and Ejaculation – You Can Last Longer (Part 1) – #3 – The Basics About Erections

Physical touch or mental stimulation can stimulate the nerves in a man’s penis. The penis then relaxes your blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more easily and fully into the penis.

As the penis becomes larger, the pressure constricts a vein that would otherwise let the blood flow back out of the penis. The result is more blood flowing into the penis than out of it, “imprisoning” the blood in the two spongy tissues called the corpora cavernosa.

Erection and Ejaculation – You Can Last Longer (Part 1) – #4 – The Basics About Ejaculations

Ejaculation is triggered in a somewhat mysterious way (scientists do not fully understand) when men reach a certain level of physical or mental arousal that pushes them to the edge.

There are two phases to the ejaculation of men. The first stage is called emission: it is when the vas deferens helps move the sperm from the testicles to the back of a man’s urethra through a series of contractions. Men can often feel these contractions. There, on the back of the urethra, sperm mingle with a man’s prostate fluid and seminal vesicles, creating a mixture of fluids that are ultimately called “semen” when combined.

The second stage is called expulsion and is when the semen leaves the penis, usually in gushes. Once this part of the process begins, there is no stopping it – which is a fundamental difference between men’s orgasms and women’s orgasms.

Erection and Ejaculation – You Can Last Longer (Part 1) – #5 – The Basics About Orgasms

Speaking of orgasm, it should be noted that men’s ejaculation and orgasm are two different experiences. Although the vast majority of men can experience them as one and the same (which means that when they achieve an orgasm, they also ejaculate and when they ejaculate, they also achieve an orgasm), some men may or may not try them out as events.

There are men who ejaculate without experiencing any sense of pleasure or euphoria that is commonly regarded as an orgasm. In addition, some men are taught to experience the excitement of orgasm without ejaculating (this is sometimes taught as part of tantric sex workshops).

A large number of men have been educated to separate orgasms from ejaculation. Some tried out of curiosity, but they thought that in the end, it was not particularly pleasant for them. Other men are fond of having orgasms while delaying their actual ejaculation. Like most sex areas, it seems to be a matter of individual preference.

In this article we have seen the basics of everything, reading this article is fundamental for you to understand the next. Be aware of the new article, which will be published Monday, where we’ll see two techniques to last longer in bed.


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