Despite all the articles on erection and orgasm problems, the area of most interest has to do with sexual desire. Many couples get upset because their partner rarely wants sex. Others, on the other hand, get upset with his wife because she is always looking for sex.

Of course, some people try to solve these issues on their own. However, many other couples can not solve these problems on their own. Their egos are involved, their feelings are hurt, and they find it difficult to discuss the issues constructively with their partners. However, by assuming goodwill on both sides and a reasonably functional relationship, most of these complaints can be solved.

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Sexual desire: How to increase libido naturally #1 – Problems of desire

Problems of appetite and sexual activity usually arise as a discrepancy in a relationship. One partner wants more or less sex than the other, and they are unable to make a commitment. It may have always been this way, or it may be a more recent development.

Sexual desire: How to increase libido naturally #2 – Men and women

In some people self-interest is low; That is, they do not have many sexual thoughts, feelings or fantasies. This total or relative lack of interest in sex may be long-term, or of recent origin. While there are some women who want more sex than men and some men who want less sex than women, men generally seem to have a higher libido than women.

In general, it appears that men have a more insistent and constant sexual appetite, which is easily accessed through a wide variety of internal and environmental demands. Women, on the other hand, have less intense and more sporadic sexual desires, which are more likely to repress or ignore if a number of conditions are not met.

Sexual desire: How to increase libido naturally #3 – Difference in sexual preferences

We assume that couples are or should be well combined sexually; They must be sexually compatible. Both partners should want sex, say, twice a week. If this is not the case, there should be some blockage or problem. But why should they agree to sexual frequency? Couples disagree on many things: how often they dine out, how to raise children or even if they want to have them, and so on.

Why should sex be different? This is no different from a couple where a person needs physical activity almost every day – running, swimming … – and the other is quite sedentary. None of them are crazy; They just have different standards.

It is important in cases like this to look at both ends and not just focus on bringing the desire of those who want less sex. It may also be necessary to lessen the desire of the one who wants more sex.

Sexual Desire: How to Increase Your Libido Naturally #4 – Obstacles to Desire

  • Low hormone levels. Testosterone is the hormone of desire in women and men. If there is little or no desire – no sexual thoughts or fantasies, no appetite for sex alone or with a partner – you should definitely talk to a doctor and check your hormones.
  • Medical conditions. Any acute or chronic medical problem will tend to decrease sexual interest. If someone is chronically ill, there are a number of variables that can affect sexual interest and functioning. These include the effects of the disease itself, the effects of the patient’s role and the meaning the patient attributes to the disease, the fears of rejection by the partner, and so on. So of course there are the treatments – not just drugs, but also surgery, radiation, and so on, any of which can affect the desire.
  • Drugs. Modern medicine has been quite successful in producing a number of drugs with the unintended side effect of decreasing sexual desire. Many recreational drugs have the same effect.

Sexual desire: How to increase libido naturally #5 – How to increase sexual desire


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