At least one of the following tips will help you increase your sexual desire. However, we recommend that you mainly follow the last tip for best results.

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5 Tips to increase your sexual desire #1 – Conditions to increase desire

There are certain things that, if present or absent, make you more willing to have sex. These things are what we call conditions. That is, compare times when you felt the greatest desire with times when you felt less desire, or imagine what would make you want more sex.

In search of answers, consider all issues that can negatively affect sexual desire. They can be fatigue, stress from any source, drugs, and alcohol, the quality of sex you have and any concerns you may have, beliefs about sex and fear of close proximity.

5 Tips to Increase Your Sex Desire #2 – Improving Sex Quality

One reason some people do not want a lot of sex is that the sex they have is not so good. Improving sex quality covers a lot of ground. Maybe there is something about your partner’s behavior that you would like to be different. A conversation with her will probably help.

Remember to focus on what you want her to do and not on what she is doing that you do not like. I remember a man who had lost much of his interest in sex and had developed sporadic erectile difficulties, which further diminished his willingness to engage in sex. As we talked about how he felt about sex with his partner, he continued to mention how “enthusiastic and active” she had been when they were dating.

When I asked if she was still the same, he thought for a moment and then said, “No. She does not fuck me back. I do all the work, and she’s like a dead person.” The following week, he had several conversations with her about it. He was able to listen to her and change her behavior accordingly. Not surprisingly, his behavior then changed.

5 Tips to increase sexual desire #3 – Solve problems of erection and ejaculation

One important reason some men lose interest in sex is that of an erection problem or ejaculation. Because men are not sure they can have erections when needed or last as long as their partners want, it seems easier simply to not have sex.

If you think this may be your situation, the appropriate action would be to solve the problem of erection or ejaculation. You should go to the other articles on this site that are relevant to getting information and decide with your partner if you want to use the appropriate exercises to work on your problem or if it is better to see a sex therapist. Whatever the two of you decide, do it!

5 Tips to increase your sexual desire #4 – Have sex when there is no desire

The sex model we all have is that desire motivates us to act. That is, we feel an inner impulse and this makes us move toward our partner. Although there is nothing wrong with this model and often reflects reality, it is not the only possibility.

Many of us experience something similar with exercise. Although I enjoy exercising since I was a kid, there are days when I just do not feel like exercising. But I usually do it anyway – unless I get physically sick – because I know it’s good for me and also because I usually like it after I start. And then I’m always glad I did.

I’m not suggesting that you have sex when you do not want to. However, men and women who make it a practice to have sex in the absence of strong desire often find that in the long run, their desire increases. (Be sure, however, to resist the temptation to try to force erections or orgasms.) You should discuss these obstacles with your partner and, if necessary, with a therapist.

5 Tips to Increase Sexual Desire #5 – Powerful Unisex Aphrodisiac


In a liquid format, the Spanish Fly Black Drops has its formula 100% natural and is a very powerful aphrodisiac for both men and women.

It can be mixed in other beverages and is a safe aphrodisiac. It has a revolutionary formula for having the same effect in both sexes, generating an uncontrollable desire. By being unisex partners can take the same drink and feel the effect.

In addition to improving sexual potency, it promotes great desire. It is an aphrodisiac highly recommended for people who are tired because of daily chores, seniors and those who want to increase their sexual desire.

If symptoms persist is very important to seek your doctor for information, the internet does not replace the advice of someone professional.

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