“I used to love sex, and to have a lot of sexual desire, now it seems like nothing can make me horny.”

“Everyone makes a big deal about sex, but in all honesty, I could easily live without it.”

Low sexual desire is one of the two main reasons why people seek help. In a survey, the researchers found that 33% of women reported that they had no sexual interest.

Low sexual desire is not the same as finding excitement or orgasm difficult. Sexual desire is not the same as being afraid or disgusting sex. With low sexual desire, it is not that you find the sex scary, bad or unpleasant; you simply have no interest in it. You do not look, not fantasize about it and you would not miss it if sex disappeared from your life.

Low Sexual Desire – Should I Worry? #1 – Do I have low sex drive?

Have you ever wondered if a drop in the frequency of the relationship means you have little desire? Some researchers and doctors have used the frequency of sexual intercourse as a criterion for diagnosing low sexual desire. However, this distorts our understanding of sex and sexual desire.

Sex is more than just sexual intercourse; you do not have to be active in the bedroom to be a sensual and sexual person. Overworked schedules, a health problem, or even the lack of a partner could make the frequency of intercourse very low, but you may have a very normal sexual desire.

You may have suspected that you have low desire because it seems like you do not think about sex anymore. Or maybe you think about sex, but you have no interest in having sex with your partner. Maybe you start thinking about sex but you can not stay focused on it because of competing thoughts about the purchases you have to make, sleep that you do not have enough, or the other thing you’re craving.

Low Sexual Desire – Should I Worry? #2 – You’re Not the Only One

If you find it confusing to try to find out if you have little desire, join the club. Sexual therapists and researchers find it one of the most difficult sexual problems
measure. What we suggest as a useful way to assess your sexual desire is to ask yourself two questions:
• Have I ever had sexual thoughts?
• Do I have an interest in being physically excited, alone or with my partner, if circumstances are favorable?

Low Sexual Desire – Should I Worry? #3 – The problem may be another

If you answered yes to these questions, you may not have the low sexual desire, but another problem, as much happening in your life. Normal sex drive does not mean wanting to have sex every minute of the day. It does not mean to want to have sex simply because someone else makes an offer.

It means that you have sexual thoughts occasionally and when you are rested when your surroundings are private and relaxed, and when distractions are minimal, you may occasionally experience sexual pleasure, either alone or with a partner.

Low Sexual Desire – Should I Worry? #4 – My partner feels more sex drive

And if you have a normal sexual desire, but it is smaller than your partner’s, do you worry that something might be wrong with you? In fact, you’re okay – you do not have a sexual desire problem. Instead, you and your partner have a discrepancy of sexual desire or sexual frequency discrepancy in your relationship. There are ways you and your partner can work with it. One of the tips is that the couple uses a natural product to increase sexual desire. Here’s how it works:

Low Sexual Desire – Should I Worry? #5 – Natural Supplement to Increase Sexual Desire


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