Increase libido. Female frigidity is also known as female sexual dysfunction. This problem is quite common among women of various ages. Usually, it is the impediment in getting sexually aroused or any sexual activity that brings you pleasure. Ordinarily, women are called “icy”, but we prefer to refer to them as frigidity and female sexual dysfunction.

This problem can create difficulties in the relationship and produce a psychological burden too heavy to carry, damaging the female health. The causes of lack of libido involve various aspects like routine, stress at work, concerns about the well-being of children and financial problems can affect the decrease of female libido.

Increase libido – 5 natural tips for women #1 – Causes of female frigidity

It is not only the psychological and social factors that affect a woman’s sexual desire, there are also the physical and hormonal factors. Unfortunately, many women aggravate the situation by not talking to anyone, not even their partner, about it. But understanding the problem and seeking a solution contributes to a significant improvement in the quality of life.

Increase libido – 5 natural tips for women #2 – Physical and hormonal problems

Diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, neurological diseases, alcohol, and drugs, can cause a decrease in female libido. In the period of menopause, the woman becomes less fertile and her ovaries stop functioning as before, the ovaries are responsible for the hormones that excite the woman and without these hormones, the sexual desire drops dramatically.

During menstruation, sexual desire may be increased due to increased blood circulation and so there is more chance of orgasm. This intensified arousal continues up to one week after menstruation.

However, in the period before menstruation sexual desire suffers a great fall and it is difficult to reach orgasm. Especially in women where the pre-menstrual tension is greater. It may be best to avoid having sex during this time.

Contraceptives can also decrease sexual desire, this occurs because of the direct influence on the female hormones. The same goes for using medicines for depression.

Increase libido – 5 natural tips for women #3 – Psychological and social problems

A large proportion of women have low self-esteem. Because they have high self-criticism about their body, they begin to feed misconceptions of comparison, interfering with sexual activity. The effects of comparing yourself with another woman, who is apparently superior, can be devastating. It may be necessary to talk to a psychologist to expose how the woman feels about her body and so try to re-educate the brain so that it does not compare with other people.

When anxiety is excessive and it begins to compromise the couple’s relationship it may also be necessary to talk to a specialist in the area to better assess what is causing the anxiety or insecurity and thus be able to help in a fuller way.

Often the way a woman was brought up in society may in the future affect her libido. Feeling guilty can make her too apprehensive about sex, preventing her from feeling pleasure.

Increase libido – 5 natural tips for women #4 – Diagnosis of female frigidity

In order for a health professional to be able to identify the cause of female impotence, it will be necessary for the woman to tell the doctor the reason for her discomfort with the lack of desire. This way the doctor can determine if the lack of desire is due to a clinical condition in the health or if a psychological trauma.

Increase libido – 5 natural tips for women #5 – Treatment for female frigidity


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