The problem for many couples is that they can not let go during sex or increase libido. This can cause the couple to limit themselves and not try their full potential. So let’s talk about overcoming this shyness.

How to be more confident in bed and increase libido #1 – Reasons

It’s perfectly normal to be shy when it comes to sex. There are many perfectly normal reasons for this:

  • You may not like the way your body is now.
  • You felt disconnected from your wife or girlfriend.
  • You’ve had some malfunction on the equipment recently, and fear that it will happen again.
  • Something embarrassing happened the last time you had sex.
  • You are not sexually experienced.
  • It’s been a while since you two made it.
  • You are distracted by stress at work, stress in the relationship or you may not be getting along well with a friend.
  • You really want to have sex, but you’re not getting your partner’s vibe.

This is only a partial list. The point is that it’s totally normal to be feeling shy about sex, and any kind of experimental sex. But let’s see if we can find some ideas for you to go back to the business.

How to be more confident in bed and increase libido #2 – How to overcome shyness

The key is to not think about the real sex part. Make your way to it, gaining trust in other ways. Begin by being more physical with her during non-sexual hours; a hand on your back as you let it go in front of you, a touch as you walk down the aisle or the kitchen, or take your hand or bind your arms when you are walking together.

Kiss her! There are a million ways to kiss her. Do not apologize or be shy about taking a moment to turn, take her in your arms and kiss her. This will make you feel less shy, and will increase your alpha male status! Especially if you tell her that all this has no motive except that she is your woman and she is beautiful.

How to be more confident in bed and increase libido #3 – Enjoy every moment

Waiting in line at the movies? Standing in the kitchen sink? Reading at the table? Use these moments to hug her from behind and give her a little kiss. Again, this will make you more comfortable being physical, and affirm yourself with it.

To further boost excitement and get you back into the game, do some of these actions when there is no chance of it leading to sex – in the car before entering a restaurant, in the hallway in the restrooms at the bar, or anywhere else, you may think that this would not leave any of you uncomfortable or embarrassed. This also works at home!

How to be more confident in bed and increase libido #4 – Why is it helpful?

The latter also works as you become more confident to demonstrate a little more assertiveness. If she starts pulling a little, pull her closer and continue a little longer than she wants – you decide when it’s time to stop. Obviously, you need to know that when she says no, she really means that. Common sense is essential.

When sex time comes again, long foreplay is best to overcome shyness. Make it like this is your job! Do this until none of you can stand it any longer. Even though she seems very ready to take you to the next level, tell her that you have not done away with her and really want to leave her wild.

When you’re over-prepared to have sex, shyness will be the last thing on your mind, I assure you. This will also increase your confidence for a woman to beg for you to be inside her! And you will have found another way to be the alpha male in the room.

How to be more confident in bed and increase libido #5 – How to increase libido


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