In this article, we will see some tips that will help the couple increase libido. Usually, men desire their women to have a more sexual desire, but the opposite is also valid. So we separate these tips for the couple and at the end of the article, we indicate a natural supplement that will help you.

Learn to increase libido and have a better sex #1 – Aromatize the bedroom

To increase libido, you can use fragrances. This is a powerful secret when used properly … Nice smells can change a person’s mood. But … here’s the secret: what you want to do here is to train your partner to get sexually aroused whenever you smell a fragrance by associating a particular scent with orgasms.

What you want to do is create a “perfumed memory” of experience. So the next time she smells this fragrance, it will bring memories powerful enough to elicit an emotional response … and increase libido instantly!

IMPORTANT: Make sure that any perfume you use, it is used ONLY during sex. In this way, it will be the only association she will have with the perfume.

Learn to increase libido and have a better sex #2 – Which perfumes to use

There are many ways to use scents, but the most popular are:

• Incense
• Candles
• Aroma bottles
• Scented Oils
• Room Spray

What kind of perfume do you need? First of all, anything that is not repulsive. If she is disgusted by the smell, she will be totally turned off, and her desire may fall. You may have to try a few different scents at first, but as long as your response is usually neutral, everything should be fine. Remember, we’re trying to “teach” her that whenever she smells the smell, it means orgasms!

Perfumes you can try:
• Vanilla
• Patchouli
• Coconut
• Musk
• Jasmine
• Lavender
• Pumpkin pie
• Black licorice

Learn to increase libido and have a better sex #3 – How to increase desire despite bad experiences

You can increase your desire for sex if she has a positive sexual experience with you sooner. In other words, if she has had an orgasm with you previously, then she will want to engage in sexual activities with you again.

On the other hand, your desire may decrease if she has a negative sexual experience with you. She’ll want to have sex with you less if that happens. So essentially, what you want to do after having sex is to reinforce the positive sexual experience she has had, increasing her desire for sex in the future. Let’s see how to do this.

Learn to increase libido and have a better sex #4 – Massage

The trick to helping your partner release her orgasm under your control is to first get her into a state of total relaxation. In essence, you need to help her relax.

Before you want to define increased sexual tension, you need to first eliminate any stress. It will free your partner to focus your attention on the pleasure you are bringing to her instead of the report your boss needs on Friday or the dentist’s agenda scheduled for tomorrow morning.

The relaxation is excellent, but it’s a rather slippery slope. Make her very relaxed and she is likely to fall asleep. Do not relax her enough and your mind will wander and your attention will stray. That’s why it’s a great idea to find ways to relax that will also ignite your passions. One of the best ways to accomplish this is the art of massage.

One of the number one mistakes that many men make when it comes to their dedication to the idea of “giving” their woman an orgasm is to neglect their total relaxation. This probably stems from the fact that we tend to assume that women work the same way men work. Obviously, men do not need a state of tranquility to get excited. So the next tip will be very useful.

Learn to increase libido and have a better sex #5 – Natural supplement to increase libido


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