Strengthen the pelvic floor is a very important exercise that can be done anywhere and do not need to be naked to do it. Several men suffering from erectile dysfunction, began practicing these exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor and noticed a great improvement in your sex life. See too, breathing exercises that can help eliminate erectile dysfunction, here.

What is pelvic floor

Are muscles that are in the pelvic region. Men and women have these muscles. The pelvic floor muscles are between the buttocks, and the pelvic bone.

These muscles are in the same class of the biceps, triceps and abdomen. They can also be known as pubococcygeus muscle or PC muscle and is a major contributor to the sexual performance.

To strengthen the pelvic floor muscles you first need to know where these muscles are, for that, do the following:

  • Go to the toilet and start to urinate.
  • Stop to urinate during the flow. The muscles used to stop your urine are the pelvic floor muscles. You should feel these muscles every time you urinate. If you can not feel them the first time you try, try again.
  • When getting to the flow of urine, run your fingers between his testicles and anus, while holding the flow of urine. You will be able to feel the contracted muscles.
  • After locating the muscles, tighten them when you are not urinating.

Congratulations, now you know where is the muscle that needs to be strengthened. Now let’s see how to exercise it.

Strengthen the pelvic floor

First exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor:

Just like any other exercise, it is advisable to start in phases. You can practice these exercises at your own pace, starting slowly and increasing with the course of muscle strengthening. Imagine sit-ups, you can not start doing 100 sit-ups a day, your body would not be prepared, the same thing happens with these exercises.

First step: Tense the muscles, holding and dropping them. Do 20 repetitions at the beginning and over time gradually increase gradually. When you get in 60 reps, move to the next stage.

Second step: Decrease the amount of push-ups and increase the time of contraction in each of them. Hold the contraction for 2 or 3 seconds before relaxing. Breathe and relax for 3 seconds. Keep doing the repetitions and gradually increasing. When you can do this for 60 times in a row without any effort to pass the next phase.

Step Three: Hold the contraction for longer. Try to hold the contractions now for 6 or 7 seconds. And relax for 6 seconds. When you can do this for 60 times in a row pass to the next exercise.

Step Four: Finally, train your muscles to hold the contraction for 15 seconds or more. Relaxation for 6 seconds. When you can do this for 60 times in a row pass to the next exercise.

Do not forget to relax after contraction of the muscle, because this is the period in which the muscles strenghten.

Keep your breathing pattern

One way that exercise does not become tedious, is to keep your breathing pattern when practicing contractions. For best results, be careful not to flex other muscles, such as the abdomen, thighs or buttocks. And careful not to hold your breath. You should be able to breathe freely during training.

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Second exercise to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor:

Since the muscles of the pelvic floor has a large size, there are different areas of the muscle to train. Thinking about it, this exercise will teach you to contract the muscles around the sphincter. It is very simple.

The part of the muscle in question is the same one you use to hold a bowel movement. Fill half the lung with air and pull air from the lungs down. Focus on your sphincter and tighten it as much as possible. At this point, if you are doing it correctly, you will feel your anus being pushed out slightly. Try to expand this contraction to the genitals.

At first you can hold the contraction for 3 seconds. Try this for another 20 reps to gradually increase by 60 contractions. When you get 60, you can try to contract for 7 seconds and increase the repetitions gradually to 60 times.

Finally hold the contraction for 15 seconds and try again gradually increase to 60 repetitions.

Third exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor:

This is a variation of the first exercise. The movement is almost the same, but you will try to make faster repetitions and a vibrating motion.
That way, you’ll learn how to contract and relax more quickly every exercise.
Repeat these push-ups the most you can, at the point of exhaustion. Each time you practice the exercise, you should be able to go a little longer than the previous time.

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