Psychological exercises for erectile dysfunction – Part 2

Psychological exercises can help treat erectile dysfunction, as we saw in the previous article. In the previous article, also we learned that the main factors that cause psychological erectile dysfunction include stress, anxiety, guilt, depression and low self-esteem, may have other causes as well.

Continuing the exercises of the previous article, we will see what do to ease the emotional burden. Several people who have practiced these exercises might notice a great improvement in your sex life and day-to-day. Practice these exercises and apply them in your life as much as you can and find it necessary.

Psychological exercises: 3

This is another simple exercise that can help a lot to ease the emotional burden and help in the combat erectile dysfunction. In this exercise you only need to think about what you really like in your life. What makes your heart beat faster and you feel a great desire to do. You can fill in the following list of gaps with the things that you like, take the time you need and do not worry about short or long answers, here’s you who’s boss. Let’s go!

The list

  1. I prefer to spend my day doing _____________________________
  2. I wanted to make a trip to __________________________
  3. What is my favorite genre for movies ___________________________
  4. My favorite musical style is __________________________________
  5. I wanted to build my house in ______________________________
  6. I wanted to have ________________________________________
  7. I usually cry when ___________________________________
  8. I usually laugh when ______________________________________
  9. I like to talk when _________________________________
  10. My favorite genre of music is ______________________________

Make your own list. Write of a simple way or not, if you do not like to write, you can make the list mentally, since you do this exercise. After completing the answers, ask, what is my reality?

You can make this list with your partner as well. You’re never too old to do this questionnaire. Try exercising once a week or when you want.

Psychological exercises: 4

Like most psychological exercises, you need to put your feelings out, for that, talk with someone. If you are seeking help for erectile dysfunction is likely to have a partner, if that is not the case and you are trying to find someone, you can do this exercise with a friend may, even be better.

All couples have unspoken words that are hanging in the air. But these unspoken words can worsen erectile dysfunction in two ways. The first is that these situations, your body stay tense because of the situation, and the second way is that your partner is tense and it ends up making you tense. The cure for this is simple. The couple must talk together.

Most couples spend more time in front of the television than talking with your spouse. So this exercise is simple but extremely important.

Two or three hours before bedtime, talk together for about half an hour. But keep a few rules in this conversation. Start by dividing the discussion into sections. For example, the first five minutes you talk about your feelings and your partner hear. For twenty minutes you take turns talking and listening and the ten minutes left over is free to both talk as they wish.

Try to use exercise number 1 the previous article, and when listening is not as emotional and do not judge your partner. The key is that you do this exercise continually and when you do, talk to your partner as if he knew she would not be alive tomorrow. As if it were the last time you went to see her. Especially in the last ten minutes. If you do this exercise properly, you will feel a huge difference in your sexual energy, the effect is immediate. In addition to having a better sex life, you will have a better family environment.

If things are already well between the couple, they will get better still. Remember never go to bed with something inexpressible and this will greatly improve their quality of life and your sexual performance.

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