Psychological exercises to treat erectile dysfunction – Part 1

Psychological exercises can be very helpful, because at one time or another men will suffer from erectile dysfunction. And this problem will plague your daily life and your romantic relationship as well. When the problem persists it is necessary to get to know what is causing this problem and how to treat it. Researches shows that there are several causes for erectile dysfunction and can be classified into physical causes and psychological causes. When it is detected that the problem comes from a psychological cause, the treatment is different. For some men may even be useful to practice therapy for some time.


Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction due to psychological causes are the minority of cases, the mostly are by physical causes. The main factors that cause psychological erectile dysfunction include stress, anxiety, guilt, depression and low self-esteem, may have other causes as well.

The exercises taught in this article and the next will help you ease the heavy emotional burden that you may be carrying. Several people who have practiced these exercises might notice a great improvement in your sex life and day-to-day. Practice these exercises and apply them in your life as much as you can and find it necessary.

Psychological exercises: 1

Apply this exercise can change your entire life. It will not only help deal with erectile dysfunction, but will also make all areas of your life better. The goal is to put negative thoughts away from you, which can be difficult because it’s part of our nature to think too much. If you stop to think about that, most of our thoughts are negative. These thoughts include doubting ourselves, we let other people influence on our psychological, and we wonder what goes wrong and not remembering the good things good.

So this exercise is to reverse it, try the following. Whenever you think of something negative, think of two things positive. It is, for example, if you are complaining about your work, and think, “My work is very tiring.” No problem you think that, but you’ll have to be able to think two positive things about it, then you can add: “But it’s thanks to my work I get money to sustain my family and I work with nice people.”

The hardest part for most people is to apply this exercise yourself, but it is important always practice. By doing this you will notice that your life will be light and happy and positive thoughts will grow. This will be too much work, always look for more positive things than negative, but over time the negative thought will decrease and positive thinking will increase. Everyone and everything have something positive, if it is difficult to find the positive side is because you’re not trying hard enough to find.

Especially at the beginning of this exercise you will have days when you can not think of anything positive and that’s a fact. In this case negative thinking will take. Do not worry about it the next day start exercising again.

Psychological exercises: 2

This exercise is to maintain a positive conversation with the people around you. Anywhere and in any conversation, you can rebut negative arguments you say with two positive.

For example, if you have a problem with a person, you might say, “I really think you’re very smart and like how you do your work, but when I need help you are not so receptive.” Thus the person will be more open to listen, make up or change any attitude of her, if you say something positive about them.

In the next article we will see two other psychological exercises that can help a lot to control and prevent erectile dysfunction caused by psychological factors. You can also see breathing techniques and relaxation techniques with psychological exercises will help a lot against erectile dysfunction.

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