The low sexual desire in men is not as common as it is among women, but they can also be affected by this disorder, so in this article we will see useful tools that can help deal with this problem. The causes for this, may be the result of the lack of sex education, illness or a disability, medication use, aging, psychological and emotional problems, and any combination of the aforementioned situations.

It is important to discuss their sexual problems with your partner and your doctor, may also be helpful talk with a therapist about what is happening. It is also necessary to determine whether the problem occurs in occasional situations or if the problem occurs in all situations that men want to have sex. Keep in mind these factors will make it easier to talk and explain the details to your partner or therapist.

Low sexual desire in men

It is often, very difficult for men to talk about low sexual desire. Today in many cultures it is normal for people to think that only women suffer from it and men always feel sexual desire. However, this problem is more common in men than many people realize. So, it is possible that in some relationships, the man decides avoid having sex.

This can be somewhat surprising to some, but when men do not feel like having sex, for whatever reason, they move away from partner, often even unconsciously.

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Causes for low sex desire in men

There are several factors that may contribute to this problem in men. The requirement that a man must always be ready for sex may be one of them. With age, use of drugs, fatigue, hormonal imbalances and diseases can impair erections. And when man realizes that your erections are not as reliable he feels embarrassed and moves away from sexual encounters.

He can still feel sexual desire, but shame and fear can make him avoid these occasions. This struggle against the self-confidence leads to a decreased desire.

Psychological causes

There are many psychological causes that influence the low sex drive. The relationship may be fragile and many conflicts between the couple. When these conflicts continue for a long time and the man feels constantly criticized or rejected, your desire and confidence may decrease. Men with depression or anxiety may find that sex is not as pleasurable.

Physical causes

There are also physical problems that can cause low sex drive in men, side effects of medicines should be examined by a qualified doctor. It may be that the psychological and physical causes to combine and cause the problem.

The partner of a man with low sex drive will need to be supportive and understanding this situation, so you can know what are the causes of the problem that is influencing to decrease sexual desire.

For the man, it may be very difficult to talk about low sexual desire, because we live in a culture where it is not advised that men talk about their feelings and much less about their sexual problems. However, it is much better to talk openly about it, than allow it to destroy the relationship.

Be willing to enjoy the loving interaction and intimacy of the couple without the pressure to have a strong and firm erection is the best way to carry on the relationship and also sex.

Treatment for low sexual desire in men

Treatment can come in many ways since it identified the cause of the problem. specialized doctors may prescribe own remedies for the specific case of each, if the cause is physical. If the cause is psychological, a few sessions with a therapist can be very helpful and help in solving the problem.

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