Premature ejaculation. A very effective exercise that can allow you to redefine your reflex to take more time before reaching the point no return of ejaculation is known as exercise stop and start.

Ejaculation and orgasm can be tricky topics. There’s a lot we know, but a lot we do not know. The triggers for ejaculation in man are varied and often mysterious. Newsstands are filled with magazines that publicize the latest and greatest orgasm technique for women but seldom given any attention to what makes men tick-a-boom. This article explains a very effective technique and a natural solution.

Effective Exercise to Control Premature Ejaculation #1 – How It Works

The way this works is you alone or you and a partner stimulating your penis, it needs to stand erect and get close to the ejaculation, but before reaching that limit you stop, cool down and try again. Over time, you learn to last longer and more, and eventually graduate from the hand to the real thing.

Here, again, you practice going more and more, withdrawing a little before the point of no return. It takes patience, understanding and some degree of self-control. In some modifications of this technique, you or your partner tighten the head of the penis firmly to cause a sense of distraction enough to take you down the cliff of climax before you overtake the edge.

Effective Exercise to Control Premature Ejaculation #2 – Effective and Natural Medication

Not everyone has the patience or a partner for behavioral techniques, and even if they do, they do not work for everyone. Medications can also be very effective. There are a few different options. The safest medications are the sprays applied to the skin of the penis. These medications work by simply reducing the sensitivity of the penile nerves so that less intense nerve signals are sent to trigger the ejaculation center of the spine.

Effective Exercise to Control Premature Ejaculation #3 – Sprays Available

There are many sprays available and they mainly use a nerve blocker such as lidocaine. The purpose of sprays is not to let your penis numb – this is not fun – but decrease the sensitivity. But the skin does not absorb the medication very well, so some formulas add ingredients that can improve the absorption of lidocaine.

The more you spray the penis, the greater the effect. After 10 minutes, you can clean it and you are ready. There is virtually no numbing effect on your partner. It is available online without a prescription, at the end of the article you can know more about this product.

Effective Exercise to Control Premature Ejaculation #4 – If It Does Not Work Out

For some men, none of the techniques or medications can slow down the inevitable. In these cases, there is still a workaround. If we can not help you hold on, we can still help you do something.

Usually, after an ejaculation, the erection decreases. This is because the release of adrenaline that squeezes your ejaculatory fluid also tightens the blood vessels that pump the penis. This is good if both parties are ready to give up and hug. When you are young, you tend to be able to “recharge” relatively quickly, and the next time you try it, it can last longer.

But as you get older, the recharge time, known as the refractory period, gets longer and longer, and then you spend a lot of time scouring for a second chance. But before you find a lost case, check out the spray we recommend for you.

Effective Exercise to Control Premature Ejaculation #5 – Spray to Control Premature Ejaculation



Through of Retard Spray, you will be able to hold ejaculation longer. The Retard Spray is the ideal solution for those suffering from premature ejaculation. Because it provides a mild anesthetic effect temporarily reduce the excess sensitivity of the penis head.

Applied before sex. The spray will help you to delay the phase of ejaculation and prolong their intimate moments. Leaving you more relaxed and with full control over your ejaculation. Which will cause the sex more enjoyable and you can give more time to satisfy your partner.

This product is a male retardant for external use. All you need to do is spray one or two doses of Retard Spray on the entire penis area. You may need massaging to improve absorption.

Retard Spray will make their sexual relationships more intense and last longer without fear of ending soon. By delaying ejaculation, men are able to continue to provide more sex. That is essential for most women reach the orgasm. To purchase or learn more information, click here.

With these basic tips right in your hand, you will be ready to control the time to ejaculate and avoid premature ejaculation. But we have other articles that can also be useful.

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