Before we show you how to spice up the relationship, it’s really important to understand the basics, and this will also serve as a guide for you boys and girls!

A woman who wants her man to be more assertive or dominant in the bedroom is not a reflection on the relationship. While experimenting with alpha male tactics during sex can put a spark in your relationship, all of this is simply about what you decide you like.

How to Spice Up the Relationship – Sex Tips #1 – Things to Keep in Mind

This advice is not for new couples or for casual sexual encounters. It takes a bond of trust between you, and it comes with time and experience with one another. There is a lot of communication necessary to make this a successful sexual effort.

How To Spice Up The Relationship – Sex Tips #2 – A Word To Women:

Make sure you have a clearly defined idea of what you want from your man when you say that you want him to be more assertive in the room. This will help you set boundaries later.

Also, keep in mind that in no time you have to continue with this type of sexual play. Remember that just because you created it does not mean that you have to continue with it if you do not want to. If you feel uncomfortable, then stop.

For the man to understand you, you will have to give him some direction and there may be some strange conversations about what you want. Keep in mind that your man loves you and wants you to be happy! And once that conversation happens, it will be fun for him too!

How To Spice Up The Relationship – Sex Tips #3 – A Word For Men

Guys, I understand that this may be a strange new thing for you, so I’d like to remind you of a few things as we move on to the techniques.

As we told the ladies above, and how your own woman should be telling you, just because she wants you to be more dominant in the bedroom, that does not mean she thinks you’re a female man; nor does it mean that she wants you to win her.

Your role in this effort is to LISTEN to what she is telling you. She will let you know what she wants; it will let you know when what you are doing is not working; and she probably will not have to tell you when it’s working, if you understand me.

How to spice up the relationship – Sex Tips #4 – Messages and Conversation

First, try not to talk; try to write. It may be easier if you do not need to hear your own voice saying things. But there is a warning here: other people can also read your writing! So be careful not to be ashamed for being reckless with your words.

  • If you are in the habit of chatting on social networks, start a provocative conversation in the chat.
  • Send text messages with vivid descriptions of what you want to do to each other.
  • If you communicate by email in personal accounts (obviously not with work email), write your fantasies or make a dirty list and send to the other.

So, of course, dirty talk can be used as an assertive technique by itself. This will require a bit of trial and error, and perhaps a conversation or two about what you think is right before finding the right words. Talking dirty is describing what you are doing, or what you love about the other person, or what you want from her in the most graphic and cheeky language you can think of.

How to spice up the relationship – Sex Tips #5 – Aphrodisiac to spice up the relationship


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