For most men, premature ejaculation is more of a psychological/mental than a medical condition, although there are individuals who are physically predisposed to ejaculate early due to genetic conditions. Unlike erectile dysfunction – which is mainly due to physiological factors – PE is often due to a man’s lack of practice in controlling his orgasm.

How to control ejaculation and orgasm can be tricky topics. There’s a lot we know, but a lot we do not know. The triggers for orgasm and ejaculation in man are varied and often mysterious.

The Truth About Cure Premature Ejaculation #1 – Men Fleeing Sex

But perhaps the most significant impact of premature ejaculation is on your self-confidence. There are many men who run away from sex simply because they are too embarrassed to ejaculate in seconds.

There is usually nothing medically or physically wrong with you. But of course, if this leaves your mind at ease, consulting a doctor about your condition is a good start. Your doctor may also recommend a specific course of action that you can take to pinch premature ejaculation at the root.

The Truth About Premature Ejaculation Cure #2 – How Long Does It Take To Last

Do you need to last ten minutes or longer so that you are no longer considered a premature ejaculator? Absolutely not! The truth is, most women are not looking for hours of sex. Ten to fifteen minutes is usually the average time it takes for women to reach a sexual climax. And there are ways to overturn this “threshold level” for women. You can prepare your mind and body so that as soon as the sexual relationship begins, it is almost ready for an orgasm.

The Truth About Premature Ejaculation Cure #3 – Increase Female Excitement

Sounds forced? By no means – with the right amount of mental and physical foreplay, you can build your sexual expectation to the point of orgasm, ready to tip over.

Women are emotional creatures. As much as she likes to achieve an orgasm during sex, she also enjoys the way she is climaxed. It’s not just the “ultimate goal,” but the journey to the ultimate goal that she really wants! So the trick is to really understand the sexual preferences of you and your partner. If she is happy with a couple of minutes of too much sex, then all is well!

The Truth About Premature Ejaculation Cure #4 – Other Ways

And of course, if you really want to add a few more minutes to sex, there are several commercially available aids that can help you, like desensitizing creams or sprays for external application. Alternatively, there are condoms with specially designed numbing gels to give a rapid increase in staying power.

Many men also swear self-gratification before engaging in a sexual act. Early release of the semen will ensure that you do not climax very early during the actual action.

But of course, learning how to permanently manage your triggers for premature ejaculation without using these temporary aids is the best way to go. You will not go from a “minute man” to have superhuman resistance immediately, but with enough practice, you can certainly last much longer than you did yesterday. Remember … patience is a virtue.

The Truth About Premature Ejaculation Cure #5 – How To Cure Premature Ejaculation



Through of Retard Spray, you will be able to hold ejaculation longer. The Retard Spray is the ideal solution for those suffering from premature ejaculation. Because it provides a mild anesthetic effect temporarily reduce the excess sensitivity of the penis head.

Applied before sex. The spray will help you to delay the phase of ejaculation and prolong their intimate moments. Leaving you more relaxed and with full control over your ejaculation. Which will cause the sex more enjoyable and you can give more time to satisfy your partner.

This product is a male retardant for external use. All you need to do is spray one or two doses of Retard Spray on the entire penis area. You may need massaging to improve absorption.

Retard Spray will make their sexual relationships more intense and last longer without fear of ending soon. By delaying ejaculation, men are able to continue to provide more sex. That is essential for most women reach the orgasm. To purchase or learn more information, click here.

With these basic tips right in your hand, you will be ready to control the time to ejaculate and avoid premature ejaculation. But we have other articles that can also be useful.

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