With eye contact, you are already creating sexual desire in your mind. In other words, you started to make a woman or a man think about sex. But now we’re going to show you how to still increase your desire by making a few small changes in your bedroom.

The way the body responds to the environment (in this case, the bedroom) can have a huge impact on your level of arousal. In addition, the dual benefit of the environment we are going to create is relaxation. Remember, if she is tense and not relaxed, it will be almost impossible for her to have an orgasm.

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There will be a bit of preparation work for this, so you want to do this before you start any physical activity. We will now see 3 main points: lighting, sound and smells.

How To Increase Sexual Desire In Bedroom #1 – Lighting

Making love with lots of light may be appealing to men (and some women), but because of relaxation (and ultimately for orgasm), the lights should be quite light. This can be done with candles, but most prefer and find a bedside lamp safer.

It can be a simple bulb like an incandescent lamp. You can also try out more extravagant lighting devices such as led bulbs, plasma lamps, and fiber optic lamps. They work equally well (if not better) like a normal bulb.

How to increase sexual desire in bedroom #2 – Music

Sounds and music have a distinct ability to invoke powerful images and emotions. If this is one aspect you have neglected in the past, you could be simply amazed at the potential results that can be achieved now.

Work on creating a list of passionate, energetic and sensual songs. Some people have the best results with environmental, meditative or natural melodies. Storms, tropical forest rhythms, or even sounds of ocean waves have great potential to take your loved one to heights.

How to increase sexual desire in bedroom #3 – Fragrances

Finally, to add spice to your exciting atmosphere, you will use fragrances. This is a powerful (almost malicious) secret when used correctly. Pleasant smells can change a person’s mood almost instantly (especially when combined with the effects of poor lighting and the right music).

But here’s the secret: what you want to do here is to train your partner to get sexually aroused whenever she smells a fragrance by associating a particular scent with orgasms. What you want to do is build a “memory of smell” experience. So the next time you smell this fragrance, it will bring memories powerful enough to increase your libido, instantly.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that any perfume you use, will only be used at the time of making love. That way, it will be the only association she will have with the perfume.
There are many ways to use scents, but the most popular ones are incense, candles, jars of scents, scented oils, and spray.

How to increase sexual desire in bedroom #4 – What type of perfume do you need

At first, anything that is not repulsive. If she is disgusted by the smell, she will be totally turned off, and her desire may go down the drain. You may have to try a few different scents at first, but as long as your response is usually neutral, this should be good.

Remember, we are trying to “teach” that whenever she smells that perfume, it will mean orgasms. Perfumes that you can try: vanilla, patchouli, coconut, musk, jasmine, lavender, pumpkin pie and black licorice.

You can increase your sexual desire if she has had a positive sexual experience with you before. In other words, if she has had an orgasm with you previously, then she will want more.

On the other hand, your desire may decrease if she has a negative sexual experience with you. So essentially what you want to do after having sex is to reinforce the positive sexual experience you just had, increasing your desire for sex in the future.

How to increase sexual desire in bedroom #5 – Natural supplement to increase sexual desire


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