Aphrodisiac foods. It is known that food is capable of giving energy, calming, contentment and health, but now can also be a source of vigor for the sex life. There are many foods and liquids that can help warm the relationship to two, including pepper!

Although there is no medical evidence of this miraculous property of food, there are nutrients that favor the time it is necessary to be active. Alone foods are already a great help in increasing male desire, but regular exercise is also recommended to generate even more health and disposition.

Aphrodisiacs are any substances that can stimulate the will for sex. There are several natural foods that along with other properties can work as an excellent help to improve the sex life. This is what we will consider in this article.

Aphrodisiac Foods to Increase Men’s Libido #1 – Oysters, Fish, Banana

Oysters. They are rich in zinc, which means a large increase in the production of testosterone, the male hormone that controls sexual desire. It also helps in the treatment of sperm production and female lubrication, thus increasing libido. The effect is the same whether they are raw or cooked.

Fish. Fatty fish such as sardines, salmon and tuna are high in omega 3 and increase blood circulation, which ultimately favors arousal. In addition, they are light and healthy foods for the body, extending the disposition in the hour of the sex.

Banana. The banana contains essential vitamins for the formation of sex hormones, which are potassium and B-complex vitamins. It is also rich in magnesium and bromeliad enzyme, which promotes vasodilation, or it improves sex performance and increases male libido.

Aphrodisiac foods to increase men’s libido #2 – Red fruits (strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, cherry)

They have antioxidants that increase the production of testosterone. The aroma of the strawberry can elevate the desire for sex. Further, the strawberry contains high levels of folic acid, which maintains a good flow of blood, improving sexual activity.

Aphrodisiac Foods to Increase Men’s Libido #3 – Ginger, Pepper

Ginger. It is a source of manganese, a mineral that influences man’s libido and helps produce testosterone. It also increases the dilation of blood vessels and improves circulation. In women, it increases lubrication and prolongs the pleasure.

Chili. It is able to cause a number of effects on the body, such as: increased sweating; increased blood circulation and heart rate frequency; being one of the most aphrodisiac foods. It literally warms the relationship.

For men, it increases vasodilation of the penis and for women, it helps in relaxation of the vagina. Herbs used as seasonings can also help in the sexual performance of the man.

Aphrodisiac Foods to Increase Men’s Libido #4 – Chocolate, Nuts, Almonds, and Peanuts

Chocolate. It increases the production of hormones that are directly linked to sexual pleasure. Serotonin can be found in chocolate, preferably bitter, which generates feelings of pleasure. The candy savored in chocolate can also be found in coffee, which gives more energy and libido.

Nuts and almonds. They are able to prolong male erection as they increase blood circulation. They are rich in arginine, responsible for women’s pleasure.

Peanut. It has vitamin E, which increases sexual potency. By containing vitamins from Complex B increases energy, contributes to vasodilation and increases male libido.

Aphrodisiac Foods to Boost Men’s Libido #5 – Natural Supplement



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