Accumulated stress can affect your mood and stop increase libido. It’s hard to enjoy sex when you can not relax. Unfortunately, many people live very stressful lives. Their bodies are constantly in a state of alert that biologists call a fight or flight response, the body’s reaction to a perceived danger or threat.

During this reaction, hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline are released. These make the heart speed up and digestion slow, redirecting blood flow to major muscle groups and giving the body an explosion of energy and strength, preparing it to be able to fight or flee when faced with danger.

This response is usually followed by the relaxation response, which returns all systems to normal. In modern life, however, the fight response is often activated in countless daily activities, being a student, earning a living, dealing with bosses and co-workers, and paying the bills.

Many people live their lives bombarded by stressful situations and the relaxation response has a difficult time. Depending on the number and degree of stressful situations in your life, you may have accumulation of stress. Sometimes people are so accustomed that they are not even aware of their high levels of stress.

Sex life and their special circumstances

Increase libido with stress reduction #1 – ALERT

Do not let stress get in the way of your orgasms. Stress affects your libido and has an impact on your hormone levels. If you are having difficulty with orgasms, stress may be the reason. Take steps to reduce stress in your life.

Unfortunately, people often resort to stress relief in unhealthy ways. In the long run, this ends up doing more harm than good. Habits like drinking and smoking may seem to relax, but they actually make your body work harder to maintain your health.

Fortunately, there are many healthy habits you can develop to help you reduce and eliminate stress. Definitely worth taking the time to explore the options.

Increase libido with stress reduction #2 – Reassure your mind

Your body and mind are closely connected, so calming your mind can have a profound effect on your body. Some exploration may be necessary to find the practices that work best for you.

Meditation is a very effective way to calm the mind. Meditation relaxes the mind and nervous system through stillness. In meditation, you learn to stay in the present moment with your current experience. When done successfully, meditation induces a deeply relaxed state of being.

This can transition to sexual pleasure through a greater ability to stay focused on your subtle bodily sensations as well as the present moment interactions that you have with your lover.

Increase libido with stress reduction #3 – Sensory Awareness

The practice of sensory awareness is a particular type of meditation. In sensory awareness, the mind is focused on all the subtle sensations that your body can perceive by being in a relaxed state. To experience this, simply lie somewhere quiet and open all your senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

For this, you need to get out of your thoughts. It requires slowing down, calming and listening sharply, but in a relaxed way. Close your eyes can help you pay better attention to your other senses.

EXERCISE: Lie on your back in a warm room. Take several deep breaths and allow your body to relax on the floor. Bring your consciousness into your whole body. Be aware of where your body touches the ground. Feel your clothes touching your skin.

Learning to focus on your physical sensations can have a profound effect on your sexuality. The more you are able to observe the subtleties of your experience, the more pleasure you will experience in your sexual encounters.

Increase libido with stress reduction #4 – Yoga

Hatha yoga or any similar stretching practice can also provide multiple benefits to your overall health and your enjoyment of sex. Stretching your muscles helps you relax and maintain flexibility. If you are still sitting in meditation or sensory awareness and this is not relaxing you, try stretching or stretching instead. You can calm your mind by relaxing your body or relaxing your body by calm your mind.

Increase libido

Increase libido with stress reduction #5 – Releasing Your Breath

Breathing has a tremendous effect on your body-mind. That is why meditation, yoga and almost all other relaxation practices involve some amount of focus on your breathing. If your breathing is shallow, you may be experiencing contraction or tightness in the chest and not getting enough oxygen.

You may have been breathing in this way for so long that you do not notice anything different. Pay more attention on your breathing. Focus on deep breathing and expanding your lungs, this will help oxygenate your blood.

Which will improve your mood and improve the functioning of your entire body. Also, the deeper your breathing, greater your orgasm.

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