Several things affect the private life of the woman, are mostly the concerns, obligations, problems in marriage and things of everyday life. This makes the sexual desire of the increasingly low women, but you can change this situation, since the woman is determined to resume sexual activity. Especially if she has help from his partner.

Most people have their fears and insecurities related to sexual desire, so it’s not nice to imagine that the sex lives of everyone works perfectly and only its does not work. Although you will need dedication, there are very easy ways to increase sexual desire.

The causes sexual desire fall are diverse, so it is essential that the person find out what your own reason which is reducing the desire.

1 – Do regular exercise

When exercises are practiced, the brain releases hormones that leave the body to stay relaxed and even helps to improve mood. So it is natural that after a good workout sequence to pesse feel a great increase in sexual desire, precisely because of the unrest. Besides the benefits of staying healthy, exercise let you fit and makes you more attractive to others and to herself.

Regular exercise enables better blood circulation throughout the body, including the intimate region, increasing the excitement and the desire for sex. So it is good to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, half an hour a day of exercise can make a significant change in sexual life.

Out the common exercises, is also very important to exercise the vaginal muscles, this can be done through the Kegel exercise. It is a simple exercise that can be done daily. This exercise is to tighten and secure the pelvic muscle for five seconds, then relax, can repeat this sequence 25 times. The result is clearly visible in improving orgasms.

2 – Fods that increase the desire for sex


Much is known that food has great influence in all aspects of our lives. It also shapes the desire for sex. Always good to have at home chocolate, wine, banana.

Read the article published earlier: The magic that exists in foods that increase the desire for sex. And know the properties of each food and how they act in increasing sexual desire.
They are also necessary vitamins to prevent the fall of libido.

3 – Try not to get stressed

Stress affects every aspect of your life, including the desire for sex. A good way to relieve stress, as stated earlier, is to practice exercises. It is also important to talk to your spouse about what is causing the stress, this will help to decrease it, and leave the strongest relationship.

If because of stress a person has the habit of smoking and drinking, this is the time to stop immediately if she wants to get back to feeling desire for sex because these habits can cause a terrible drop in libido.

Another effective alternative to reduce stress and increase sexual desire is the massage. If the massage is done by your partner the result can be even more effective, physical contact creates a greater intimacy and connection between the two.

4 – Get in the mood

Get in the mood starts individually. Thinking and imagining pleasant situations does the brain know that you are willing to practice what they are imagining. If you are unsure on what to think, imagine what you want to do next in the sexual intercourse or remember what has been done previously.

It is also good at the time of intercourse, prepare the site in a nice way, maybe put some candles or try somewhere different. Invest in yourself, a sensual lingerie, some things a sex shop, which make you feel comfortable and sexy.

If something is bothering take a look soon solve the problem, so that it does not spoil the romantic mood. Identify things that are disturbing and remove them.

5 – Take sun

Women probably already noticed that in summer the desire for sex in men is greater. This happens because the sunlight inhibits a hormone that helps you sleep, this hormone is called melatonin, and he is also responsible for reducing sexual desire. It is therefore very important to leave in the sun, of course not at times when it is harmful to our skin. Especially in winter our body produces this hormone more, so it is most recommended to leave the house and let the sun do its job.

If all else fails …

If even after all their efforts, still can not increase sexual desire, it may be time to look for supplements that naturally will act in your body by increasing libido. For this it is recommended sexual aphrodisiacs and stimulants, visit the site of Virectil and get more information about the best treatment for you and your partner.

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