All men are aware of the need to please their woman, now let’s see how to succeed in it and how to satisfy a woman in bed. Let’s appeal to your problem-solving nature and give you some real and serious tips on how to get to know your woman better and find out how to satisfy her.

How to satisfy a woman in bed #1 – When there is no communication

If your partner told you absolutely nothing about this, but you want to find out if she wants you to be more sexually assertive, there are two ways to play here so you have a good idea. One is relatively easy; the other, as far as I know, may be one of the hardest things you’ve ever tried in bed.

How to satisfy a woman in bed #2 – The Easy Way

The easiest way, although it may be difficult for you at the beginning, is to plan, alone, a “spontaneous” moment of passion. This can be quite complicated. You want to catch her off guard and see how she reacts to your passionate rapture, but you do not want to pick a moment when she’ll look at you and ask if you’ve lost your mind. For you to have more sense of the right time, let’s show some direct indications about the right and wrong times.

Right time: Immediately after arriving home from a formal function. She’s feeling incredibly beautiful, you’re fine too. Give some tips on how much you want it during the night.

If it matches, start grabbing heavily as soon as you pick up your door key – or even earlier, maybe in the car on the way home. If she tells you to shut up or give you the “stop it,” wait a while and try again, maybe another day.

Wrong time: when she is wearing dirty clothes and cleaning or arranging anything in the house. Stay away.

How to satisfy a woman in bed #3 – Moments Right and Wrong

Right moment: this works if you’re a little shy. When you are home together, doing something together, you can start talking about how much you love doing what you are doing – but from a passionate perspective.

Talk about how much it makes you so good, and you love how much you can depend on it. Talk like nothing excites you more than when you’re doing things together in the house because it makes you think of getting old with it … you get the idea. Take her in your arms, be passionate and be every man as you take her to the bedroom.

Moment wrong: after having had some kind of discussion or disagreement of any kind. She will see it as a movement of power, not the kind that excites her! Or, she will look like an apology, and she will complain that sex does not solve everything.

Did you get the idea here? The right moments are when you’re in the same vibe as her. When you are communicating well and you are feeling that spark of true love for each other. The wrong times are when you are misunderstanding your vibrations, not knowing what she is thinking, or while the air is still full of disagreement.

How to satisfy a woman in bed #4 – The Hard Way

But the key is – and that’s the hard part – is to see how she reacts. Does she let you do what you’re doing because she knows what’s coming, no pun intended? Or does she gather with all her heart, grabbing you and gritting her teeth and maybe biting you a little? Does she have an instant orgasm along with you? If it is the last, you have a green light to talk to her about experiencing assertiveness.

When attempting tips like the above, or any other in-room experimentation, there is likely to be some level of rejection, however small. This is perfectly normal and should not be taken as a reflection on you or your skills as a lover.

Even when you choose the right time and are feeling the love, you can still be rejected right away. At this point, maybe you both can make use of a natural sumptuousness to increase your passion.

How to satisfy a woman in bed #5 – Enhance the Couple’s Passion



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