There are things you didn’t know about sex that will help you improve your sex life. For example, remember when someone made a sexual comment and you felt intimidated; When did you wonder if you were sexually “normal”; A TV show described male sexuality in a negative way; If her sexual fantasies were healthy; When you thought, “Yeah, I really like sex, but I feel differently than other men feel.”

If you have had moments or thoughts like these (and the vast majority of men have), this article will help you. We will share with you the best scientific, psychological, medical and relationship information available.

5 things you didn’t know about sex #1 – Man should feel proud of his sexuality

The truth about sex is that every man deserves to feel proud, confident and healthy about his masculinity and sexuality. The truth is that sex is an essential part of who we are as men. To begin with, we ask that you answer our 13-item questionnaire to assess your understanding of male sexuality.

Do not worry about performance anxiety; You can do this yourself to see how experienced you are, and you do not have to tell anyone your score.

5 things you didn’t know about sex #2 – Sexuality should be questioned yes

The second thing about sex is that if you answer this questionnaire truthfully or falsely honestly, you will find out more about your sexuality.

1. Penis size is the most important factor to please your partner.
2. Men are always interested and ready for sex.
3. The best sex happens when you’re single.
4. All men are potential rapists.
5. Positive sexual performance is the most important factor to satisfy your partner.
6. Women control men with sex.
7. Women want sex with strength, but do not honestly say that.
8. The internet is the best source of sexual information.
9. Sex is such a basic physical need, men should be able to accomplish this perfectly regardless of their level of fitness, lifestyle or age.
10. What men most want and need in a relationship is sex.
11. Men will do or say anything to have sex.
12. Men inevitably think with their penises.
13. Sex is natural and requires no learning, management or regulation.

5 things you didn’t know about sex #3 – Not everything we think is right is really

How have many “true” answers you scored? Compare your answers to the fact that this is a test of male myth; All of these items are false. In the following articles, we will show you how to think about your sexuality accurately, honestly, reasonably, and reliably. You can learn to increase sexual pleasure and satisfaction for the rest of your life.

5 things you didn’t know about sex #4 – Sex Is Not Limiting

This article is a basis for training you (and your partner) in fact on healthy, satisfying and satisfying sex – not promises that only lead to disappointment. We rely on scientific and medical facts, in reality from real men who have real jobs and real tensions, living real life with real women with real failures and successes.

This series of future articles will serve to train you with integrity, openness, sincerity, openness, and detail that you can apply to your life. and so you can avoid the myriad of mistakes we have seen in our clinical practices, mistakes made by ignorance, misinformation, unrealistic expectations, anxiety, and shame.

5 things you didn’t know about sex #5 – Sex Can Always Improve


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