If you want to increase arousal during sex, a good tip is to change your sexual positions. If you always start with the missionary position and end with that position, it is time to become creative. While there are many different positions to share, we will show some of the best that will improve the quality of sex for both partners, as well as help, solve the most common problems and grievances between couples.

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Sexual positions to spice up relationship #1 – A position that almost guarantees orgasms for both

This is called a modified missionary position. While in the missionary position, the man will move his body by two or three centimeters without leaving the woman. While in this position, he will use only his hands and elbows to move up and down instead of moving his hips to penetrate and leave.

This position will increase more stimulation to the woman’s clitoris and the man lasts longer in bed. The chances of both parties having orgasms increase exponentially. There is also a good chance of simultaneous orgasms.

Sex positions to spice up relationship #2 – Woman standing on top with modification

In the standard position of “woman on top”, the man lies on his back while the woman is on top of him. The woman has more control over the angle and speed of the impulses and therefore can reach orgasm more easily. For the man, lying on his back usually takes longer to have an ejaculation. So it works well for both partners.

The modified version of this position helps more partners. Instead of sitting straight, the woman can lean forward, between a 45 degree angle up to 60 degrees, and use her hands for support. So instead of moving up and down, she moves her hips back and forth. This position allows for more stimulation of the clitoris for the woman and allows the man to last longer when compared to the up and down movement.

Sexual Positions to Spice Up Relationship #3 – Sideways

Both the man and the woman lie side to side. They can bend their legs in the knees, the man keeping the leg between the legs of the woman while the woman rests the leg on the waist of the man. The woman can rest her head on the lower arm of the man (the arm closer to the ground).

This position also allows men to last longer, giving women greater stimulation/friction. In addition, none of the people involved have to bear the other’s body weight on their own. Both partners can rest on their sides.

Sexual Positions to Spice Up Relationship #4 – Deeper Penetration

The woman is lying on the table (or the bed) on her back, using only the upper body, so that her butt rests on the edge of the table. Your lower body is upright, your legs fully extended and your fingers pointing toward the ceiling. The man enters her, allowing her to rest her legs on his shoulders, one on each side. This position allows deeper penetration.

Sexual positions to spice up relationship #5 – Another variation

The woman lies on the bed on her back while her legs are upright, fully extended. The man is sitting upright, his legs bent, one knee resting on either side of the woman’s body. She lifts her legs and places them on either side of her shoulders. The man can gently hold his legs for stability as he moves his hips back and forth. This position also allows for deeper penetration.

Sex Positions to Spice Up Relationship #6 – Dog Style

The woman takes up the knee position, resting her weight on her knees and elbows. The forearms are extended in front of her, in which she can rest her head. The man, leaning on his knees, enters behind her. This position also allows for deeper penetration.

Sexual Positions to Spice Up Relationship #7 – Natural Aphrodisiac

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