Some experts confirm that aphrodisiac foods do not exist. Which is to say, there are no foods that produce high levels of sexual desire because of their organic characteristics. However, other scholars argue that certain foods produce vasodilation in our body, as well as being involved in hormonal processes that seem to produce sexual desire.

Putting this controversy aside, what is certain is that a large part of the aphrodisiac power is in the shape and color of food. Which means there is a psychological component that causes some excitement when consuming certain foods. And we associate certain foods with sexual elements.

For example, strawberries and creams, it reminds us of the male glans and sperm; Or oysters, which remind us of the female genitals. Always, for whatever reason, if it works, why not use it?

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Aphrodisiac foods to excite man # 1 – Oysters, figs, and mango

As previously mentioned, oysters can be an aphrodisiac, as well as their resemblance to female sexual organs, also because of their high zinc content, which increases the amount of sperm and the production of testosterone, thus increasing sexual desire.

Another sexual similarity is found in figs, which also contains a substance that stimulates the production of hormones and improves sexual desire. The same happens with mangoes, which, in addition to containing beta-carotene, also contains tryptophan, known as the pleasure hormone.

Aphrodisiac foods to excite man #2 – Fruits

Some other fruits that are also considered sexual stimulants are: strawberries, bananas, avocados or watermelons. The latter was recently considered as a “natural viagra”. The watermelons contain, especially in the white part of the bark, a substance called citrulline, which relaxes the blood vessels, the same as the medicine used for erection problems.

Aphrodisiac foods to excite man #3 – Cocoa, honey, pepper, and asparagus

Cocoa, in turn, stimulates the production of serotonin, which is related to sexual desire. Another aphrodisiac would be honey, which is rich in vitamin B, required for the production of testosterone. Pepper, on the other hand, improves the blood supply in the abdominal area, which facilitates erection. And finally, asparagus. In addition to resemblance to the penis, contains vitamins and nutrients that are required to achieve an orgasm.

Aphrodisiac foods to excite man #4 – Foods that one likes

These are some of the foods that are considered aphrodisiacs, however, as has been said previously, it is not known for sure if it works one hundred percent. That is why we should not limit ourselves to the list provided here. We can use foods we know as our partner likes, since eating our favorite dish can activate the brain areas associated with pleasure, thus producing a greater sex drive.

Finally, we can also use ice on the glans. But not directly because it is a very sensitive area and can be painful. The best way is to put a piece of the ice cube in your mouth and lick it for just an instant. So we can lick the glans and then give her oral sex. The contrast between the cold tongue and the heat of the penis will produce a new sensation, but very pleasant. You can replace the ice with an ice cream or mint bullet, this way, in addition to the freshness, you can play with the flavor component.

To apply heat, we can resort to candle wax. If we light a candle and then drop drops of wax onto our man’s body (always remembering to start in the farthest and highest area possible so that we can slowly approach the erogenous areas and finally end up in the parts Sexual).

The areas where they feel will be the hottest. When applying heat, the blood concentrates in that area, making it more sensitive. It is then when we can enjoy playing with it by rubbing it gently with our hands and kissing it with our wet lips in a sensual way. Like eating an ice cream when it is running in our hand.

Aphrodisiac foods to excite man #5 – Natural aphrodisiac


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