Impotence. Enjoying a healthy physical body, a sense of physical and emotional fitness, pleasure-oriented sexual function, and stimulating and orgastic sex promote sexual satisfaction. Both subjective arousal and physiological arousal increase the couple’s satisfaction.

Impotence – Tips for having a satisfying sexual intercourse #1 – The paradox

The paradox is that poor physical fitness, poor health habits, lack of emotional aptitude and poor body image have a more negative impact on sexuality than the positive impact of a healthy sex body, physical fitness, and good physical conditioning and mental. Truth is just one of the unjust realities of life. But you can handle it.

Impotence – Tips for having a satisfying sexual relationship #2 – Illustration

Forty-nine years of age, John divorced two years ago. This divorce was started by his wife, a second divorce totally unexpected and undesirable. John had said for several years that he had been content to break up with his first wife, and this second marriage was the perfect match for the lost years of their first marriage.

He dealt with this divorce by eating too much and drinking too much. John gained more than 20 kilos. Her brother and sister-in-law invited John to his mountain cabin for a weekend. On a leisurely walk, they asked him to regain control of his life and physical well-being. Since they were only three sitting on a rock overlooking the valley, John could not avoid this discussion.

His brother said that although he was sad with the divorce, John could reorganize his physical and emotional life. They knew several divorced women and widows who would like John to know.

Impotence – Tips for having a satisfying sexual relationship #3 – What John needed

John needed to take responsibility for his own physical and psychological well-being instead of finding a woman to care for him. This meant carefully considering their personal, health, and social behaviors. Fortunately, John had a successful career in which he was respected by colleagues. He has always maintained a regular pattern of sleep.

However, John now needed to take care of his physical body and health behaviors. In the last two years, John’s main food was fast food and pizzas. His wisest decision was to consult a nutritionist who provided information and suggestions on nutrition.

A powerful side effect of John’s changing health behaviors were new social contacts and a positive focus instead of becoming obsessed with divorce. People admired John’s determination to regain physical well-being and his dedication to his fitness program.

In fact, it was someone in your circle of new friends who introduced John to his current girlfriend. John was especially pleased to have a partner who would support and strengthen his efforts to gain and maintain health and physical well-being.

Impotence – Tips for having a satisfying sexual relationship #4 – How does this illustration help you?

Physical, emotional, and physical well-being contribute directly to a healthy body and indirectly to a healthy sex body. Physical health, such as sexual health, is multicausal and multidimensional. The good news is that maintaining physical and physical well-being will promote sexual function for all men, but especially for men after the age of 40.

The challenge is not to give your physical well-being as a guarantee, but to maintain a healthy sleep, exercise and eat, refrain from smoking and take time to relax. Their vascular and neurological systems remain functional in their 70s and 80s but are less efficient. Thus, by maintaining the desire and sexual function, factors of psychological, relational, and especially psychosexual ability play a more important role. Physical, emotional and sexual well-being is integrally connected, so take good care of yourself.

Impotence – Tips for having a satisfying sexual intercourse #5 – Natural Supplement


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