Sexual Impotence. Erectile health – all of the health in general – requires handling the right food. Junk food, the type popular with most TV commercials, is rich in unsaturated fats, high fructose corn syrup, gluten, and a group of chemical preservatives, stabilizers, and dyes that you can not pronounce and that your body can not tolerate.

These are the worst criminals and increase their toxic load. But there are more things that are hindering your sexual performance.

Sexual Impotence – 4 Things That Are Making You Wrong #1 – Eat Before Bedtime

You watch TV before bed, and maybe in bed. You eat. Whether you choose a healthy or healthy enough lifestyle to rid you of erectile dysfunction, this is counterproductive. Eating at this point carries you with empty calories and chemicals for intestinal poisoning.

Excess calories have no other choice but to be converted to fat, and the chemicals remain in your circulatory and lymphatic system for longer than they could otherwise since you lie still in bed for hours after you hit the system.

Sexual Impotence – 4 Things That Are Making You Bad #2 – Antidepressants

Read the warnings on your paracetamol and ibuprofen bottle. These over-the-counter painkillers are liver murders. Reminder: Your liver is the main detoxification organ that frees your body from inflammation-causing compounds; overload your liver and your penis die. Evidence suggests that these drugs, when taken at the recommended dose, do not cause harm.

However, it exceeds the recommended dose and liver failure may occur. Another reminder: Your liver will not fail to shut down, slow down, work inefficiently, and cause illness in other parts of the body. Many prescriptions, nonprescription and recreational drugs kill the libido. This will decrease your ability to achieve an erection.

Antidepressants, such as Prozac®, Zoloft®, and others, including in their warnings that they may have “sexual side effects.” Sexual side effects in men = Erectile dysfunction. And it is not “can have side effects”, it is going to give side effects. Only if you stop taking them can you regain your potency; do so only under the supervision of your doctor, but seek such supervision immediately.

Sexual Impotence – 4 Things That Are Making You Wrong #3 – Poorly adjusted bike seat

This article is about physical damage to the nerves and blood vessels that control the erectile mechanism. Whether you are an enthusiast who spends hours every week riding a bike or is just a casual weekend driver, beware of the damage you could do to yourself due to a poorly positioned or poorly adjusted bike seat.

The key is to use a seat that provides adequate support for your ischial tuberosities – the two protruding parts of the pelvis. When riding a bicycle, you do not sit on your buttocks as in a lounger. On a bicycle, your body is supported on these bones.

An uneven seat, too narrow or poorly positioned, will slide forward so that the saddle slides between the legs to the pubic arch; this puts pressure on the arteries and nerves that go directly to the penis by crushing the vessels and nerves that go to your penis under the full weight of your body.

Sexual Impotence – 4 Things That Are Making You Mean #4 – Not Exercising

Are you too out of shape for sex? When you have this erection and are about to satisfy your woman, will the rest of your body perform well to pull away and wait for a little? If your stomach or leg muscles are a cramp or your lungs are burning, you are increasing your chances – given your history of erectile dysfunction – of losing an erection that should not be missed and at the worst possible time. So exercise!

Sexual Impotence – 4 Things That Are Making You Mean #5 – Use a Natural Supplement



Ultra Hard is a natural, non-prescription aphrodisiac supplement. It was made with the aim of allowing the man to have strong erections more quickly and for longer periods of time.

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This remedy has a particularity that makes it one of the most effective aphrodisiacs on the market because in addition to being stimulant is also aphrodisiac, that is, in addition to generating strong and lasting erections, it increases the sexual appetite and can be taken by the cases of people with hypertension or diabetes.

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