In this article, we will follow the same line of reasoning as the last article, where we showed that erectile dysfunction or sexual impotence may be reversible.

Sexual Impotence – What It Is and How It Can Be Eliminated #1 – How Blood Flow Works

The heart, you know, pumps blood all over the body. When blood moves through the lungs, it picks up oxygen and delivers it to organs, tissues, and cells from head to toe. Blood collects carbon dioxide, which is poisonous and discharges it into the lungs.

Nutrition is collected by the intestines and passed to the circulatory system. The nutrients are transported to the cells by the blood. When cells use nutrition, it processes it through a series of biochemical reactions, producing energy and building blocks for tissue growth and repair. But at the end of these reactions, the remaining compounds are also poisons.

Many of these chemicals are absolutely deadly. These are collected by the blood and moved by the liver, which clears some, and moves much of it back to the intestines for discharge. Other poisons are filtered through the kidneys and pee.

Sexual Impotence – What It Is and How It Can Be Eliminated #2 – Dangerous Substances

This is an overly simplistic presentation. There are many steps that have been omitted for a quick overview, but here is the summary:
• The normal life process produces dangerous chemicals in your body that will kill you, even if you are doing everything perfectly right.
• The liver protects you by chewing and eliminating some of the bad chemicals, and the kidneys filter out what remains. You eliminate many of these harmful chemicals when you poop and pee.
• And this information is important to you because the process is not perfect.

Some of these harmful compounds remain behind. Even in a healthy body, they circulate in the blood for longer than they should. In bodies undergoing the Western diet, livers are overloaded and simply can not handle the load. These poisons enter the tissues through the lymphatic system. They damage the cells. Among these poisons are the infamous oxidizing compounds that cause aging and promote any number of degenerative diseases, including cancer.

Sexual Impotence – What It Is and How It Can Be Eliminated #3 – How to Fight Poisons

To combat oxidizing compounds, nutritionists tell us to eat foods rich in antioxidants that neutralize these substances and protect our bodies. We rarely hear a nutritionist tell us how to keep the oxidants to a minimum in the first place.

Avoiding gluten and sugar is a start. In addition, there are other chemicals that circulate in our blood that cause damage. They are destroyed and eliminated more slowly. Simply, they sometimes remain in the body for quite a long time – enough to cause damage.

Sexual Impotence – What It Is and How It Can Be Eliminated #4 – Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men?

Back to the question: why do women live longer than men? One hypothesis has to do with menstruation, that is, the monthly period of a woman. Beginning in youth and lasting for about forty years, a woman discharges some blood every month during the menstrual period.

It is not much, but enough – it is thought – to eliminate part of the circulation and make it difficult to eliminate poisons from its circulation. After each menstruation, the blood of a woman is replenished; new blood cells are created and fresh plasma is produced. The new blood dilutes the concentration of harmful chemicals, oxidants, free radicals and other poisons, including some heavy metals that have been collected in your blood.

Men do not like this natural bloodletting that can prolong life. Even if it is only a few years, it is significant enough to appear on the actuarial charts and affect insurance rates.

Sexual Impotence – What It Is and How It Can Be Eliminated #5 – Natural Supplement to End Sexual Impotence



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