Sexual impotence is when a man can not maintain an erection in at least half of the attempts during sex, it is also known as erectile dysfunction. This problem ends up not allowing the man to have or maintain erections rigid, causing the sexual dissatisfaction and causing frustration in both partners.

Anything that affects the quality of sex should receive attention, both the things that can improve the sex life and the things that can get worse. And sexual impotence is definitely one of those things that worsens the sex life and no one would like to talk about it, but it is necessary.

But problems exist to be solved and this problem is no different.

Sexual impotence? Leave it in the past today! #1 – Causes of sexual impotence

There are organic causes that can be perceived through physical examination, and if the problem can not be identified through a physical examination, the cause of the problem is probably psychological, which can not be identified by examination.

Other causes are the effects of aging, anxiety, stress or excessive use of alcohol and drugs, including many medications. Usually medicines for high blood pressure that damage the erection.

The organic causes may be the result of medical conditions, inappropriate lifestyle and medications being taken by the patient. The psychological causes may be because of anxiety, stress, guilt, depression and some fear related to the sexual act.

Sexual impotence? Leave it in the past today! #2 – Treatment

There are several methods available to treat impotence, most men prefer to try something natural before taking strong remedies. There is a therapeutic process in which the main objective is to make the man overcome the fear of failing sexually.

Therapy requires the involvement and commitment of the man’s sexual partner, as he needs to create an ideal atmosphere.

It can make the man not feel pressured, but that he relaxes and enjoys the contact and the emotion of having sex. The process may involve the stimulation of the penis to create an erection without the need for penetration.

If you think that your problem has no serious cause, there are natural ways that can lessen the effects of impotence but do not necessarily mean a cure.

Sexual impotence? Leave it in the past today! #3 – Foods that soften impotence

For people who are sedentary and who smoke, the solution to sexual impotence may be to drop their cigarette and start exercising.

For people in general, the use of vitamins and minerals have been highly recommended to combat this problem and there are also the natural ingredients used during the daily diet which can greatly aid in treatment to eliminate sexual impotence. Are they:

Garlic. Three cloves of garlic can be eaten during meals;
Onion. Since the onion leaves the reproductive organs stronger, it is considered an excellent natural aphrodisiac;
Ginger. In addition to controlling ejaculation, ginger has a stimulating effect. One-half teaspoon of the juice can be taken overnight for at least one month.

Sexual impotence? Leave it in the past today! #4 – Exercise

There is a technique that encourages intimate contact and emotional warmth, which takes away much of the tension and encourages the establishment of intimate relationships.

  1. First partners should focus on mutual enjoyment, for example by massaging or caressing, but without touching the genital areas;
  2. In the second part there must be stimulation and touch in the genital areas, but without penetration;
  3. And finally, penetration happens, but partners must be comfortable at each stage of the exercise before moving on to the next step, regardless of how long it takes to stay at each stage.

Sexual impotence? Leave it in the past today! #5 – Cure for impotence



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Ultra Hard is used for what?

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